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Loving a Gemini Man

Date 5/30/2024

How do you love a Gemini Man (or two)?

How do you love a Gemini Man (or two)?

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As we explore and discover the mutable sign of Gemini (the twins) born between May 21st - June 20th, we see a soul who is a natural communicator and here to express their words through speaking and writing. The sign of Gemini expresses their truth, is ready to learn through experience and is conscious of their own mentality. In the sign of Gemini there is now an understanding that we all have a duality to our nature and character that helps us to relate to others and needs to be brought into harmony within ourselves. Gemini symbolizes adventure and fun and exploring the unseen world; they are the child that is full of wonder and excitement for what he is yet to discover in the world.

The Gemini man loves to experience life at its fullest and seeks adventures in everyday circumstances whether it is meeting new friends, social networking, or seeking something in the outside world that will bring him pleasure and fun. He longs for pleasure outside of his family and home as he is always ready to experience the hidden magic of life. The Gemini man symbolizesthe magicianin the traditional Tarotso he has all the tools at his disposal to manifest anything his mind and heart desires. The Magician is attracted to all things forbidden and unknown as he creates his reality and unravels the mysteries of each new experience that leads him to his dreams of fulfillment. The Gemini man is versatile, flexible, a strong communicator, and symbolizes mental alertness.

Love to a Gemini man is more of an adventure and experience as they do not like restrictions in any way to their freedom. They will discard love if it becomes a barrier to their freedom, letting go and going back into their mental world of their own hopes and dreams. The Gemini man will set out into the world once again exploring new possibilities of love and excitement.

What is Love to a Gemini Man?

Love to a Gemini man is about experimentation and trying new things. The Gemini man is turned on by all things auditory: the sounds of nature, music, and even sexy talk. They rule the shoulders, arms, hands, and sense of hearing so they enjoy showing affection through long intimate conversations, compliments, love letters and emails, and sweet cards. He is drawn most to a woman who has a positive, upbeat attitude more than her physical appearance or looks.

To the Gemini man, love has lost its wonder and he likes to seek out the mystery in others and beckons towards the seductive road. Love can be enjoyable for the Gemini man but also restrictive as he values his freedom so much so he can just as easily let go of the relationship if he feels hindered in any way. It is important to allow your Gemini man the freedom to explore the world around him and make him feel stimulated through daily interactions of conversation and laughter, so he feels at his best. Love is a sense of excitement and adventure for the Gemini man so he will want to try new activities and experiences that will help you both grow and have fun together.

Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes of the Gemini Man

Gemini men are spontaneous and quirky and can enjoy various sexual positions when intimate with their partner. They seem to have the ability to do many things and have many thoughts at once so he can move from one activity to the next. The Gemini man thinks about sex at least once a day and he likes to act upon his thoughts and fantasies. He enjoys foreplay and likes to spend at least an hour making love but will never turn down a quickie as it brings excitement and fun. It is in the Gemini man’s nature to get sexual quite quickly as he wants to see if he has good sex with his partner in order to continue the relationship.

Gemini is an air sign so he is known for being at ease in communication so he lets his partner know what pleases him in bed and expresses himself verbally to let her know what feels good or will use gestures so she is aware of what he wants. The Gemini man is not aggressive but will initiate a sexual relationship if the woman shows interest in him and he feels confident about it. The environment or setting is very important to the Gemini man when having sex because it heightens his pleasure. He finds excitement through making love in the car where there is a risk of being caught out in the open. The Gemini man loves to explore sex in many different environments as he finds it exciting and pleasurable, especially when there is music playing and even erotic videos to stimulate the experience for him. Either way, as long as the sexual experience is adventurous and a bit risk taking, he will find you all the more appealing.

What Qualities Does the Gemini Man Look For in a Woman?

The most attractive qualities to a Gemini man are a woman’s voice and her positive attitude. He is stimulated through intellectual conversation, so it is important that she is a bit chatty or can stimulate him mentally. The Gemini man responds to a woman who is intellectual and has a good sense of self and confidence. He is attracted to a beautiful woman with good facial features, small breasts and nice hips and butt. The Gemini man is a versatile creature, so he likes when his partner has a sense of style and taste in her appearance and how she presents herself. He is observant and pays attention to her personality. He loves a woman that is witty and can hold a stimulating conversation with him. For a Gemini man, beauty is not everything. He is more concerned with her intellect and brains and if she can hold his interest.

Gemini Turn-Ons:

- Sound of her voice
- Positive attitude
- Pretty face/features
- Small breasts
- Pretty legs
- Sense of style
- Intellect/brains
- Can communicate with her easily
- Moderate height
- In good shape/works out

Gemini Turn-Offs:

- Not too heavy
- Smoker
- Taking herself too seriously
- Overly anxious/jumpy
- Limited interests/talks about other lovers
- Dull conversation/boring
- Insensitive/no sense of humor

Dating a Gemini Man:

The Gemini man enjoys dinner and conversation where he can touch on a variety of topics like politics and business and cultural events or anything that will stimulate his mind. He enjoys a woman who has a wide variety of interests so they can stimulate each other both mentally and physically as they open up each other’s minds to experience true intimacy through sharing viewpoints. He can also enjoy spending time at home with his partner, listening and getting to know each other on a deeper level as well as getting together with friends and having good conversation. The Gemini man is curious about everything and can enjoy a night out on the town exploring new places and doing multiple activities with his partner as long as there is talking involved.

The Perfect Date:

A perfect date to a Gemini man is anything that has to do with social interaction such as attending lectures, poetry readings, romantic dinners, and going to the theatre. He loves doing different activities and loves laughing and having a good time with his partner. The Gemini man loves music and dancing so going out to a club or listening to a band would definitely pique his interest. He even loves playing board games, going to the aquarium, and doing anything new and exciting for the first time that he has never experienced before. He is most stimulated just through talking and getting to know the other person to see how they relate and can connect with each other both on a mental and physical level. He loves long walks in the rain (yes really!), movies, music, and especially outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and bowling. The Gemini man is most comfortable on a date when he can just sit and listen to her and get to know who she really is.

Famous Gemini Men:

- Johnny Depp
- Lenny Kravitz
- Mark Wahlberg
- Prince William
- Michael J. Fox
- Dean Martin
- Prince
- Miles Davis
- James Brown
- Bob Dylan
- Mike Myers

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