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Suggestions for Making the Most of the October Full Hunter's Moon by Psychic Moira

Date 7/19/2024
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According to the Farmer's Almanac, the October Full Moon is known as the Hunter's Moon, Blood Moon, or Sanguine Moon, referencing the hunting season. The Hunter's Moon is the next Moon after the Harvest Moon (the Full Moon occurring nearest the Autumn equinox), and it precedes the Beaver Moon in November. 

Based on the data provided by NASA. The Full Hunter's Moon in October 2022 reaches peak illumination at 4:54PM Eastern Time on Sunday, October 9. The Moon is below the horizon (late afternoon in the Eastern US); therefore, we must wait until after the Sun sets that evening to witness it fully glowing in the sky.

Full Hunter's Moon Large

Why the Hunter’s Moon? 

Full Moon names date back to the First Nations of North America. Indigenous peoples dubbed this brilliant Autumn Moon the Hunter's Moon, so named because, during October, the glowing Moon signaled it was time to hunt for game and meat. 

The Indigenous peoples practiced farming, hunting, and gathering in harmony with and observant of nature and the seasons. As the leaves were changing color, the nights grew chillier, and the trees grew bare. Deer and other game had grown fat and abundant from summer grazing. It was time to begin storing food for the winter days ahead.

Native cultures are rich in history, myths, and legends illustrating natural phenomena, explanations about the Sun, Moon, constellations, seasons, weather, and the relationship between humans and the spirit world. 

Check out this outstanding article by Psychic Source Advisor Ursula to learn more!

Astrology Surrounding the October Full Hunter's Moon

During the phase of the Full Moon, the Earth resides between the opposing Sun and Moon. During the October Full Hunter's Moon, the Sun is in Libra, and the Moon is in Aries, Cardinal Fire, ruled by Mars, bringing a lot of passionate fire energy, motivating us to claim our power and stand firm in our integrity. 

The Hunter's Moon in the Zodiac's first house of changing circumstances indicates responsiveness. Although restless and impulsive, the Aries qualities offer the ability to identify with diverse groups of people and to respond genuinely and sympathetically to the needs of the collective. Finely tuned and aware of emotions, we make quick and effortless adjustments to the moment's demands. 

The Sun and Moon activate the Aries-Libra axis, causing tension between individual desires and relationships. This Full Moon invites us to move through our fear and establish more authentic ways of relating to others.

The Moon opposes Venus in Libra, and although the discordant vibes rattle us, we are continually seeking balance. We might feel that we've lost something, but in reality, we gain a much better perspective. That which appears to be a defeat is a gain in the long run. It is a wonderfully favorable lunation when we accept and let go. 

The Hunter's Moon invites a deep dive into what we need to release to manifest our heart's desire. Aries energy expressed through the Full Hunter's Moon symbolizes and invites change, growth, and independence. Libra energy, conveyed through the Sun and Venus in Libra, Cardinal Air, helps to expand awareness and build relationships. 

October Full Hunter's Moon

Aspects of the October Full Moon 

A Grand Trine in Air involves Mars, Saturn, Venus, and the Sun. With the apex, The Moon & Chiron in Aires, it forms a Kite. There are invariably two scenarios or prevailing interpretations: negative and positive. The Kite aspect pattern is absolutely something positive. However, there is also Chiron, the wounded healer, in the overall configuration. For most of us, it affords a lesson, possibly regret, a realization. It can also point to triumph, motivation, and making the right decision. Missteps transform into a possibility to understand the motive behind our actions and feelings, teaching us valuable lessons not to repeat the same error. 

Now is an ideal chance to gather good energy and to release old tapes and resentments. To best harness the opportunity, we can take inventory of habits and beliefs that may be holding us back and preventing us from stepping into our power. Imagine the relationships we will create from a place of acceptance, courage, and vulnerability.

The Hunter's Moon - Tips for Embracing the Season!

The Hunter's Moon is a prelude to the Season of Samhain or Halloween. Enjoy some private time to contemplate the natural cycle of life as the veil between our world, and the other side grows thinner. Observe Mother Nature's rhythm. Honor the season by resting and preparing.

Since the veil thins the closer we get to Halloween, we will experience increased opportunity to connect with our spirit people. You may want to explore themes related to Halloween and incorporate everyday rituals with your spiritual practice. 

  • Gather old photographs, organize memories, and create a display with names and dates. Explore genealogy for a deeper connection and fuller family history. A family tree or arch inspires generational healing.
  • Speak your positive intentions into action. As the Full Hunter's Moon glows above you, speak your wishes aloud to the Universe. Manifest your heart's desire! Focus on your hopes and dreams; what do you want to create, and what will you invite into your present reality?
  • Listen to some Earth, Wind, and Fire (pure musical genius!), and dance like nobody's watching. Move your hips! Dancing will clear and balance your Root Chakra located at the base of the spinal cord. The planet Mars rules this Chakra; regarded as the powerhouse of the energetic zones, it supplies wisdom and direction.
  • Charge your stones and crystals under the full Moon. Bloodstone, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Carnelian, and Red Jasper are all stones that connect with the energy of Aries and Mars, so the Full Hunter's Moon is a wonderful time to elevate the potency of these stones.
  • Add unique gifts to your altar and use the good china! (don't let it gather dust.) Ask to hear the stories of your grandparents and older community members. Honor the past as you reflect on ways you can connect with traditions and rituals from long ago.
  • Bless and release old arguments and resentments: harness positive, healing energy connected to the Full Hunter's Moon. Release any drama or anger you've been holding; let it go. Stand beneath the glowing Moon and close your eyes. Breathe in and exhale. Feel all negative associations with the past flowing through you. From the top of your head, all the way down and out the soles of your feet. Open your eyes and feel the worry and stress leave your body.

Full Hunter's Moon

Magic for Your Home with the Full Hunter's Moon 

The Hunter's Moon is the perfect time for preserving our harvest and settling in for winter, which will soon arrive. It is also an ideal period to explore creative projects that honor the Moon's spiritual qualities. 

  • Cut and dry herbs and preserve foods under the Hunter's Moon. Canning and food preservation are great ways to connect what our ancestors would have practiced in the days before uber eats. 
  • Make apple butter or pear chutney as the Full Hunter's Moon rises. It makes your home smell incredible and welcoming, and you can keep a few jars on hand to give as Winter Solstice gifts.
  • Make cold-pressed oil soap using natural herbs and botanicals when the Full Hunter's Moon is waning. 
  • Gather wormwood, also known as Sweet Annie (Artemisia absinthium)and dry it in bundles for use as protective elements in home magic. Artemisia stems from the name of the Hellenic goddess of the hunt, Artemis.
  • Connecting with the spiritual energy of the Hunter's Moon is an excellent way to get grounded. Take a walk in the Moonlight or sit outside for a while. Breathe in the night air, experience the Moon energy glowing around you, and sense your relationship to the natural cycle of the seasons. 

Full Hunter's Moon over City

A Time of Closure, the Waning Full Moon

The Moon is the cosmic mechanism of response; it illustrates our capacity to adapt to the always-changing landscape of our times.

The lunar phase of the Full Moon symbolizes the culmination of a nearly month-long process. The projects we've worked on for the past month encounter an essential turning point. Transition and much growth have occurred, and we can now rest, reflect, and appreciate the fruits of our labors. 

The waning Hunter's Moon phase is also a perfect time to declutter, purify, and heal; it is a time for closure, completing chapters, and setting aside worry. Let the Hunter's Moon wash over you, and feel your intuition grow. Honor your gifts. Claim your clairvoyance and embrace nature as part of your spiritual practice. 

On this October Full Moon, illuminated by the fires of change, may we leap into visionary action, discovering our truth and the way forward. 

Tonight, I will ask for nothing in my ritual. I will give thanks to my ancestors. On this Hunter's Moon, I will offer gratitude for the journey and all I have received. I will give thanks and release the burdens in my heart.

Thanks for reading. I'm so glad we're on this journey together! - Moira

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