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Chiron and Your Chiron Return - What Does It Mean? by Psychic Donovan

Date 6/14/2024
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What does Chiron Return mean for you?

What does Chiron Return mean for you?

Known as the “Wounded Healer,” Chiron Return is a cycle in human development that helps us release and heal “core wounds” from our past that we haven’t cleared out or made peace with. These are called “core wounds” because not only are we born with them, once they are dealt with, they leave us as basically a super-being when compared with our earlier, unhealed selves.

Chiron is a celestial body named after a Greek healer, philosopher, and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself. This cycle also draws its name and attributes from the placement of the smallest planet in the solar system, Chiron, at the exact time of your birth. When Chiron returns to the place in the solar system it was when you were born, usually between the ages of 46 through 53, these core wounds become exacerbated and rise to the surface to be dealt with.

What Does Chiron Return Mean for You?

Similarly, although not drawing its moniker from Western Astrology, there is a phase in human development that appears cross-culturally. The phase’s name, “mid-life crisis,” and the erratic behavior often attached to it, implies having reached a peak and preparing to tumble, involuntarily, down towards the final chapter of our lives. Oxford Dictionary defines mid-life crisis as, “an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age.” Is this the same as Chiron Return?

Astrology will tell you that even though the Chiron wound becomes exacerbated during the Chiron Return, the wound will appear from the formative years onward, whereas a mid-life crisis has earned its reputation for appearing as the big Halftime Show between birth and death (sans the requisite fireworks and Lady Gaga). Either way, both phases instigate a process of searching for answers and looking for our true purpose, along with turning-lead-into-gold style of personal tough-love.

Chiron Return - Why You Should Care

Each person is endowed with natural and unique abilities to heal oneself and inspire healing in others. These healing strengths also correspond to where Chiron was at during the time of your birth. As you have probably guessed, these healing strengths are often bogged down or held back by the core wounds mentioned above.

Although the core wounds start showing up from the formative years onward, because they are highlighted so succinctly during the time of Chiron Return, the Return functions as a clear map on what to heal, what poison to turn into medicine. When we do this, our natural healing strengths become unfettered and bolstered. In fact, each person’s healing strengths correspond as near opposites of the Chiron Return core wounds. Hence, when we sincerely tend to our core wounds, Chiron Return becomes an antecedent to greater self-actualization.

Chiron Wounds and Strengths, Mentor and Disciple

Below I have listed the core wounds of each Chiron placement. I have also listed corresponding healing aspects that become strengthened and actualized when the core wounds have been healed. Calculate your Chiron placement by seeing where Chiron was located the moment you were born, and I suggest two ways of doing this:

1. Call and ask your favorite Psychic Source Advisor (this is quickest and easiest).

2. Look up Chiron placement at the time of your birth online.

Chiron in Aries Wounds

Your wound is the Wound of Self. You may have experienced this as lack of self-worth, shyness that will fold into itself and manifest as self-punishment, being a martyr--that is, punishing yourself and the world (whomever is watching) in order to feel the significance, or something close, that has been given away when the self-worth falters. You may have manifested this through isolationism or a cutthroat competition style.

Chiron in Aries Healing Strengths

Chiron offers you an opportunity to channel your anger through creative expression, and in doing so, uncover your fierce individuality. You will be challenged to apply the same patience and compassion, love, and wisdom to yourself that you give to others. When you heal your core wounds, you emerge as a champion model of independence, empowering the fledgling. Source of love and wisdom not only for others, but for yourself.

Chiron in Taurus Wounds

Dear steady, sturdy, lumbering Chiron in Taurus, you will likely find yourself stiff, emotionally immobile, resistant to change. This is really the Wound of Loss. This comes from a strong predilection, from time to time, to spoil yourself or others with lavish environments, accolades, generosity, and then when ideas of loss and failure come to the surface, you heavily over-compensate with discipline or scarcity, and then feel guilty for being the pendulum swinging wide like a wrecking ball, thus becoming the immovable feast.

Chiron in Taurus Healing Strengths

Your healing strengths will come through when you are faced with the juxtaposition of self-preservation butted against generosity and opulence, which leads you right into some serious compensation by over-under-indulging. The ready-made salve embedded in your character is temperance and abstemiousness. What happens when moderation is applied to the stubbornness and the reflex of overcompensating is you get back to helping and spoiling others almost as much, or maybe more, as you love spoiling yourself.

Chiron in Gemini Wounds

You will experience one big wound, the Wound of Words. This is the fear of sounding unintelligent. This one issue leads to fear of what other people think, impostor syndrome, an ever-increasing need to gossip and compare yourself with others. Worrying when you speak that you spoke too much, and then when you don’t speak, worrying that you should have spoken. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Chiron in Gemini Healing Strengths

When you heal and work through this fear of sounding like a knucklehead no matter what you say or write, you will find yourself exemplifying cooperative teaching and learning, communication arts, win-win mediation. Your ability to use humor and wit and charm to soothe and inspire growth will be unfettered. Chiron in Gemini is the real champion of inclusivity. You will harmonize with the beasts and soar with the angels.

Chiron in Cancer Wounds

Your wound is to feel so far from home no matter where you are. The Wound of Family. The feeling of not being at home even while being at home. Not home in your body, not home in the world. This can lead to hoarding, eating disorders, paranoia, and extensive family dysfunction. You will likely find yourself choosing this role of trying to help others and falling on your own sword in the process; choosing to take a hit for the team, but this doesn’t help anyone. There is never a champion for the underdog unless you are champion for yourself first.   

Chiron in Cancer Healing Strengths

When you cease underperforming when it is time to enjoy yourself, start applying elbow grease to nurturing yourself, and really follow your own advice, you will be the best of the best at creating safe havens for others. You will become a home for yourself and a source of empowerment for those who are typically seen as “ordinary,” the underdog type, and the overlooked.

Chiron in Leo Wounds

You have the Wound of Talent. Merit from others is your drug. You need validation, but the kind of validation that really shows your specialness in a big way. It’s like this incessant alarm that keeps blaring the message that you are not talented enough, not noticed for what talent you have, and are the epitome of unremarkable.

Chiron in Leo Healing Strengths

When you heal this compulsion to believe that no matter what happens you will fade into the background, of needing that big validation, and instead exercise grace and aplomb, you will have morphed into a fearless guide and instructor on how to use artistic expression to uplift others and deliver vibrant positive messages.

Chiron in Virgo Wounds

You will find yourself thinking the world needs to be edited. And then edited some more. Especially you! This is the Wound of Perfection, and it beats the drum that way down deep you are flawed beyond measure, which leads to always feeling overwhelmed, behind, disorganized, and a genuine wet mess. Then comes the crippling perfectionism and equally debilitating people-pleasing to hide or make-up for the personal maelstrom of flaws.

Chiron in Virgo Healing Strengths

When you dig into focusing on nothing but your self-worth, and improving it, when you drop the heavy chore of hiding your suspected flaws behind perfection, you become the real champion at creating life-hacks and processes that make life organized, efficient, within budget, and always improving.

Chiron in Libra Wounds

You really are an artist when it comes to critical thinking: analysis that comes from viewing both sides of an argument while examining personal beliefs and biases. This becomes a wound when decisions need to be made, time to pull the trigger, saying yes or saying no, there are delays and way too much overthinking. The Wound of Relationship. This is a big problem when a relationship has gone on too long, and this can sometimes lead to giving more than one can afford to give.

Chiron in Libra Healing Strengths

When you move into committing sooner, and/or terminating before staying becomes harmful, you levy a style of fairness that is healthy in relationships as opposed to obsequiously giving sixty or seventy second chances. This new balanced flow becomes the progenitor of love and heart-opening experiences, peaceful communication, and harmonious compromises.

Chiron in Scorpio Wounds

Your wound, the Wound of Control, blocks you from developing natural trust and love in relationships. You will fear losing your sense of self or a sense of aplomb and having some control over your emotions. Getting too excited, overreaching, jealousy, and power struggles become the monster.

Chiron in Scorpio Healing Strengths

When you shift away from the idea and self-talk that says you are either the one controlled by others or the one in control of others, your surrender ushers in dominion and you become the one we want at our side when things get intense, life-passages, births, deaths, fighting in the trenches, etc. You teach us about sexual healing at the soul level and help us abandon physical affection as a tool for manipulation.

Chiron in Sagittarius Wounds

What you have is the Wound of Belief. The angst and longing to find the next big belief system or religion to invest your heart and soul into. You have an intense craving for meaning and belief in something greater than yourself. This can lead you to have zealous belief systems and behavior cycles, and, when things don’t go your way, or a sense of ennui starts to set in, you can get a bit nomadic.

Chiron in Sagittarius Healing Strengths

You really are a mighty fine leader once you temper that urge to “take-my-toys-and-go-elsewhere” when the excitement goes flat or to lay down the law with a heavy foot when crossed by others. When you transmute that vehemence into sincerity you guide the rest of us to bypass searching the religions of the world for the best fit and instead remembering that the grass is greenest where you water it.      

Chiron in Capricorn Wounds

You are the bull-goose-looney of workaholism. Yep. Never quite feeling like you have been responsible enough or accomplished enough. This is the Wound of Recognition. Somewhere along the way, although you don’t know where, you feel you must have dropped the ball, fell behind the power-curve, because the idea that you expect too much from yourself does not compute. The idea that using self-talk to push yourself too hard also does not compute.  

Chiron in Capricorn Healing Strengths

When you have pushed through and really let go of responding to this inexhaustible hunger to be recognized, what shines brightly for the rest of us is a strong sense of structure and resource management. You are simply spectacular at guiding others and inspiring them to pursue their goals with structure and method.   

Chiron in Aquarius Wounds

Chiron in Aquarius is a unique placement as it shows that you have a special purpose on Earth, which starts with the Wound of Belonging. You also have a very scientific process of detaching from emotions, especially if “fitting in” will be the reward. If rebellion, even the destructive kind, leads to fitting in, hey, then destructive rebellion is on the menu. You are basically stuck in a loop of forever searching to find the tribe and the place in which you belong.

Chiron in Aquarius Healing Strengths

You are truly fantastic at encouraging others to march to the beat of their own drum. The irony is you won’t hear your drum until you quieten ideas that you don’t belong, this is when you will show some real chops at creating and building up social justice/activism, fostering communities and uplifting idealism. You will find that even though you are ever the humanist, you really walk-the-walk of one who believes in people and the power of the group.   

Chiron in Pisces Wounds

Your wound is the wound of feeling a fractured relationship with the divine, the mighty Wound of Betrayal. God, Goddess, Source, the Universe, whatever, the Source of all things has somehow forgotten and snubbed Chiron in Pisces. At some point finding yourself addicted to the emotional upheaval of this realization, and you are also terrified to find out that it is ultimately true. This leads to issues with escapism and unhealthy boundaries. 

Chiron in Pisces Healing Strengths

Your strengths rise when you dig into that chore list of self-care (hey, if you really believe God doesn’t love you, at least you love you), and you ditch the tendency to be a sponge of other peoples’ guilt. What rises is the ability to help others release resistance, which leads to receiving/manifesting what they have been longing for. Finding yours first, you lead people to access their own peace-in-the-center, psychic abilities, and live out their fantasies.

Become a Pinnacle of Achievement with Chiron Return

We all have great healing abilities to apply to ourselves and to help others. Yet we have chinks in our armor. Wounds that are often the reciprocal of what could be one of our greatest strengths were we to bring our inexhaustible love and light to our darker valleys. Chiron Return is a stage of development, a time for personal alchemy, for turning lead into gold, poison into medicine. When we embrace and heal our core wounds, whether before, during or after Chiron Return, we become pinnacles of achievement from which to further rise and inspire others through the majesty of our own development.  

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