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How To Use 6th House Astrology To Live An Aligned Life By Psychic Marlo

Date 4/18/2024
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In spiritual and non-spiritual spaces there seems to be a lot of discussion around how to optimize your time and energy to flow better in these fast-paced, fast-moving times. Businesspeople are trying to figure out how to best utilize the eight-hour workday and the 40-hour work week. Health professionals are looking at how to optimize workouts and spiritual people are searching for how to have structure for their own rituals. Did you know that built into your birth chart there are huge clues to what routines, whether it's for business, self-care, or health, best suit your energy? There it is in your 6th house astrology!

Keep reading below to find out more about this house, how to find it, and get some suggestions on creating your new routine!

Astrology 6th House

What is the 6th House?

The sixth house in astrology is ruled by the zodiac sign Virgo and the planet Mercury. This house represents work, health, routines, and service. More than representing what we do, it’s more how we do these things. How do we feel when we're at our jobs? Are our routines making us feel nourished or burnt out?

This house and the sign that it falls in within your chart, can help you learn about your energy in these areas, how to best utilize it, and create routines in all areas of your life that make you feel more aligned! Understanding sixth house astrology for personal empowerment can help us when we are looking for jobs, wanting to serve, or desiring to shift our health priorities. 

How to Find the 6th House?

The easiest way to locate your 6th house is by looking at something called a whole sign birth chart. An experienced Psychic Source astrologer can generate a chart for you based on date, time, and place of birth. Once you have your birth chart, look in the inner circle and find the numbered spaces. Go to number 6 and see what sign is there. If there's also a planet there, then look to that influencing your 6th house as well.

Read below for insight on your 6th house placement and how you can optimize and align with your routines!


Aries in the 6th House

Aries in the Sixth House needs a fast pace, competitive, and initiating type of routine. As the Cardinal Fire Sign these people will be very quick witted, who get bored as quickly as they get excited about something. Your routine should be full of short steps that have variety and can be done over a period of days. For morning and health routines I would suggest mixing it up every week or so. This will keep your attention and will excite that initiation energy that you have. Finding work where you can do short bursts of work and also have leisure is key.

Suggestions for Aries:

For a morning routine, start your day with three or four quick things to do. Cleaning the apartment, making your coffee, and some brief but exciting meditation and yoga. For work I would suggest doing jobs that require you to come up with solutions for other people's work. Consulting and physical work will be good too.

Taurus in the 6th House

Taurus in the Sixth House needs comfort, beauty, and consistency in their routines. As the Fixed Earth sign, their routines should be done with ample space and time. Time to perfect it, understand it, and use every moment for more self-love and pleasure. When it comes to work, seek out positions that value process over product. Fast paced jobs that require quick deadlines may burn you out very quickly. For routines it's best to take your time. This may require more planning which should be really fun for you. 


Suggestions for Taurus:

For morning routines, wake up and make your home feel like a luxurious palace. Spray perfumes, take time bathing, drink coffee, and try some reflective writing. No Taurus Bull likes to be rushed. For health routines, you also do not want to rush yourself, so for example, if you like yoga, avoid the power classes and get into Hatha or Yin classes. And check out these 7 stress relieving yoga poses to help cultivate calm and release anxiety as provided by Psychic Claire. 

Gemini in the 6th House

Gemini in the Sixth House needs intellectual stimulation, variety, and communication. As the Mutable Air Sign, they thrive on flowing from interest to interest. This includes how they work and how they self-care. To flow in line with the Gemini 6th house placement you should find many areas of interest to work on during your day. Having a schedule is not necessary but just fill your home or workspace with reminders of the things you are learning about. Float from meditation about self-awareness to checking in with the news, read up on the latest article in Tech digest, or even test your smarts with an episode of Jeopardy! Anything that gets the intellect stimulated. 

Suggestions for Gemini:

For a morning routine set out 3-4 options you would like to explore. Something self-reflective would be nice because Gemini is a very communication-based sign so writing and expressing yourself are very important. Meditate, open your journal, or call your friend to chat about the newest findings in your common interest. 

Cancer in the 6th House

Cancer in the Sixth House needs compassion, expression, and creativity in their routines. As the Cardinal Water Sign, they are extremely emotional, intuitive, and creative. If they can't express their emotional nature, it can compound and make them very stressed. This is a sign that loves to help others, which is where they can do the best work. They are deeply connected to their family and ancestry as well, so using recipes from your grandmother's cookbook and making a meal for your friends is the exact way to connect to a Cancer in the 6th house. Just remember to make it personal.

Suggestions for Cancer:

For work see if you can use energy connected to your emotions and intuitive self. Jobs like life coaching, acting, or spiritual support are great because you can self-start many projects and meet people to share your emotional and intuitive brilliance with that will bring mutual joy in your life. 

Leo in the 6th House

Leo in the Sixth House needs play, excitement, and even fun silly drama in their daily routines. As the Fixed Fire sign, Leo can often get bored and lazy with routines unless they are feeling vibrant and appreciated in them! They can also be a bit competitive so it’s good that your routines challenge you a bit. But remember this is a playful competition, creative play, and joyful. Your work should activate your creativity, awaken your sense of leadership, and constantly ignite your interest. You can work unlimited hours if you are having fun. Your attention is kept up by all the ways you can be creative and support others. 

Suggestions for Leo:

For morning routines it’s not as important to look at time but more important to look at the quality at which you choose them and do them. You should strive to feel uplifted and playful. When the feeling begins to diminish, it’s a sign it’s time to move on from the routine. For health it’s important to move your body in fun ways that don’t feel like work. Dancing, sports, and yoga can be great because many of these activities don’t involve the focused idea of a gym and traditional “working out.”


Virgo in the 6th House

Virgo in the Sixth House needs structure, consistency, and variety. As the Mutable Earth sign you will need to prioritize stability and order in your routines. Virgos like to feel grounded and are challenged by their mutability, so that's why Virgo is the to-do list Queens because they love to finish what they start and do it well. Make planning part of your routine. Make the planning a ritual as much as the routine itself. Then you'll have a deep grounded connection to it and inspiration to flow through to the end even if you get distracted.   

Suggestions for Virgo:

For routines and work look to create timed routines that have variety. Stay grounded and feel accomplished by making your to-do’s manageable. Don't overexert yourself just to finish something but do enough to feel you made an impact. Jobs that require systems will be great for a Virgo in the 6th house. 


Libra in the 6th House

Libra in the Sixth House needs balance, beauty, and socializing. As the Cardinal Air sign, they like starting new projects and hobbies and gabbing to their friends about it! This sign thrives on connection but as the sign of balance it is as important to cultivate habits around self-development and self-love as much as hyping up their friends and planning social events. For work you would do best in jobs where you frequently communicate with people: sales, bartending, event planning, acting, etc. Any job where you can bring your brilliance into the realm of socializing. 

Suggestions for Libra:

Make your morning routine all about YOU! Create a space around you that reflects your inner world. Give yourself 1 or 2 creative projects to do in the morning. Play the guitar for 5 minutes, listen to music, even clean your house and light that new candle you made last week! Get shrouded in you to balance the time spent expressing it with others. 

Scorpio in the 6th House

Scorpio in the Sixth House needs intensity, intention, and to be turned on by their work. As the Fixed Water sign, they can get very boiled over if their emotions are not recognized and tamed. This is where routines can help you. Make sure you are taking time to intentionally take breaks, moving the emotions throughout your body, and finding fun ways to approach your work. Scorpio is the sign of renewal so reinventing your routines, practicing them intensely, and releasing what does not serve will really help you find flow.

Suggestions for Scorpio:

For a morning routine I would incorporate a ritual of renewal. Cleansing both the home and the body, inviting in a new day. Turn on music that gets your body moving and perform your daily necessities from a place of flow and fascination. For work, you must do something that lights up your heart and your creative mind. Scorpios don't do anything halfway, so set yourself up to constantly be engaged with the work you do and shift how you do it if it is becoming stale.


Sagittarius in the 6th House

Sagittarius in the Sixth House needs expansion, unpredictability, and learning in their routines. As the Mutable Fire sign, they enjoy jumping from experience to experience and are particularly drawn to the “aha” or “eureka” moments when they have learned or experienced something new. Allow your daily routines to spice up your awareness and get that sense of adventure and newness going. In your morning walks, take new routes. Try new yoga studios or find new books on topics you love. 

Suggestions for Sagittarius:

For work that will support this energy, find something you can do that will guide your sense of adventure and your need to experience newness. Freedom will be important for Sagittarius as their innate energy is to expand. And they can't expand when they are restricted to one way of doing things or doing the same thing repetitively. It may help to be self-employed or find a job where unpredictability is a facet. 


Capricorn in the 6th House

Capricorn in the Sixth House needs order, discipline, and silliness in their routines. As the Cardinal Earth sign, they love to start new projects and will be one of the only Cardinal signs that is adamant about finishing them. To continue to the end, Capricorn utilizes their fantastic discipline but will need to also add in elements of joy and silliness to keep the vibes high enough. They thrive on being the best in the class, and while this is a great trait, remember to balance it with freedom and downtime. This will help ground that earth energy into reality and not perfect expectations. 

Suggestions for Capricorn:

Start your day laughing. Watch a comedy special or just laugh for fun. Call a friend who makes you feel good. Every morning, write in a gratitude journal and just remember all the beautiful things around you. Then create your daily to-do list. Discipline is fun for this placement, and you will have even more excitement around practicing joy!


Aquarius in the 6th House

Aquarius in the Sixth House needs creativity, reflection time, and community. As the Fixed Air Sign, they can develop many ideas that often don't get expressed. This is where a routine and work can help you utilize those creative solution-based ideas for good! Seek out work where you are in charge of planning in a humanitarian organization. Create self-love routines that you would write in a book to help others. When you have an instinct to help others, also help yourself. Let others learn from your example. 

Suggestions for Aquarius:

Start your day with YOU first. Write down your thoughts, move your body in pleasurable ways, and seek out news sources that get your brain flowing. Then find ways to share this. Write a blog about your new awareness of the ecosystem changes in the Pacific and how others can learn from this, for example. Your work should always involve supporting and finding solutions to problems others may be fearful of facing. You have the aptitude to find these solutions.


Pisces in the 6th House

Those with Pisces in the Sixth House need flow, movement, and nature. As the Mutable Water Sign, Pisces are in constant flow with all things around them. They are particularly in tune with the emotional life of all beings. This is great for service-based work, they make amazing social workers and therapists. But they can often take on too much of the emotional stimulation around them so it’s important to flush it out and let nature revitalize your energy.

Suggestions for Pisces:

For your morning routine I would suggest starting in nature. Wake up and go straight for an early morning walk. Let the fresh air revitalize you and set you up for your day. Get a journal and write those thoughts out, so they don't get stuck in your mind. And finally allow your day to flow. Give yourself time to get a bit distracted and follow the butterfly a little farther off your walking path. It's okay, you are allowed to flow and not live structured!

As with anything in Astrology these are just helpful guidelines to reflect on as you move through life. Experiment with your 6th house to find the most aligned routine and workflow that gives you freedom and happiness! If you are still having difficulty with this, reach out to one of our gifted Psychic Advisors for help in creating the best routine for you!



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Marlo is a Psychic with a passion for Tarot Reading and Astrology. She holds a Masters Degree in Art from an Ivy League school and is a certified Spiritual Coach with 13 years of professional psychic reading experience—she even has read for several celebrities! She is a poet, author, and performer and in her spare time runs covens and community circles for women to heal and overcome their difficulties.

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