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Sagittarius and the Mythology of the 9th Zodiac Sign by Psychic Apollo

Date 12/4/2020
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Sagittarius are lucky folks, but watch out for their tempers if they get upset.

Sagittarius are lucky folks, but watch out for their tempers if they get upset.

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I don’t think many people would object to Sagittarius and Jupiter having a strong ruling over traditional mythology… particularly that of Greece. Look no further than the symbol for this sign, a centaur, or the father of Greek mythology, Zeus (whose Roman name is literally Jupiter). With the larger-than-life tales of the gods and their many triumphs and losses, it’s still easy to lose oneself in any one of these quarrelsome stories, just like the boisterous personality of many Sagittarius people! It’s excitement of the grandest kind! And late November into December very well may be the time where you start your exploration of these legends. 

The Luck of the Sagittarius

From Scorpio’s bottom to top, rags to riches journey passes on a success factor into the next sign Sagittarius, leaving some of the Scorpio seriousness behind. Lucky for those Sag’s out there! And luck indeed is a big part of the mythology of this sign. For most, now is a great time to take a gamble. Whether on a neighborly game of poker or investing some money in a riskier stock purchase. But first, you must BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN WIN. For Sagittarius energy is very adept at manifesting. And with Aquarius in its 3rd house of the mind, you have someone that can achieve the unthinkable AND that welcomes surprises. Not that they’re always good surprises.

Watch Your Temper

Since with every sign, we have to talk about the alter ego, or how the energy can manifest in a negative light. With Sagittarius, this power we unlock should only be harnessed when we’re evenly tempered, that is to say, in alignment with our purpose. Take Zeus, who famously abused his position at the top with numerous sexual affairs with gods and mortals, as well as unleashing storms from the heavens whenever he was angry. This energy can be quite irresponsible and destructive, if gone unchecked. 

So, try not to get upset! Because Sagittarius wants you to find things to be thankful for. And during this season we have a holiday meant for doing that! Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for our stories thus far and the people we care about most, because it can certainly get lonely at the top. So, we must take this opportunity to remind those that they matter and that you notice their lives from high up in your sky. 

Party On!

Now, with the excitement that this energy can bring, you may feel like you can party as hard as Dionysus or be the MVP of your team, like an Olympian! Let your vision expand as you become optimistic towards how much you can achieve. Just be careful of achieving a bigger waist size! Since we’ll all want more helpings at those upcoming holiday feasts! Ha ha. (There's always time for a joke in Sag season!)

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