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Loving a Pisces Man

Date 4/3/2020

How do you love a Pisces Man?

How do you love a Pisces Man?

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The Pisces Man (born Between Feb 19th and March 20th) is on a spiritual journey who has experienced the depths of pain and love and in this final stage of the zodiac, has left behind the Earthly plane to experience the spiritual dimension of the highest path of initiation to unconditional love. The Pisces man has gained spiritual enlightenment and has learned many hard truths and lessons in his evolution and now there is a death of the ego so the soul can be forgiving and can understand the watery depths of emotions and realize the potential of true love. He is an old soul who is ruled by the planet Neptune which is the planet of illusion, mystery, and deception but at the highest vibration is a planet of beauty, psychic awareness, and unconditional love.

What is Love to a Pisces Man?

Love to the Pisces man is romantic and a dream like fantasy where the imagination runs free and two souls are intertwined as one; embracing physical and emotional ecstasy. Love is a spiritual union to Pisces where there is a blending of mind, heart, body, and soul. The Fishes tend to live in a fantasy of Illusion where they can experience the highest depths of love or the lowest depths of Hell that can cause much pain and turmoil in their lives. It is ultimately up to them which way they chose to go and whether they want to experience the true oneness of unconditional love or succumb to the depths of love's pain. In the sign of Pisces, we surrender with great humility to love and allow God to take us through the journey of the souls completion to master love and embrace the journey of rising above temptation to experience the fullness of true unconditional love and what it has to offer.

Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes of the Pisces Man

The Pisces man thinks about sex daily and lives in his imagination, so they love to fantasize about sex with his partner as much as possible. They are happy and content to have sex at least 4 times a week. The Pisces man enjoys erotic imagery from books or videos to explore and add to their sexual experience. He is a giver rather than a receiver so enjoys sexual foreplay and satisfying his partner in the bedroom with kissing and cuddling before and after sex.

The Pisces man is a caring, nurturing partner who is romantic, considerate and enjoys physical touch and being passionate towards his partner by focusing on their needs and wants. He believes in monogamy but admits that it is not easy for him. Sex can be a deeply spiritual experience for Pisces, but they enjoy recreational sex as well where it is pleasurable and entertaining for both partners. The Pisces man enjoys sex on the beach or in the water as the feeling of the fresh air and sudden rush of cold water excites and stimulates their senses which makes it an incredible experience for them.

What Qualities Does the Pisces Man Look For in a Woman?

The Pisces man is attracted to the physical attributes of a woman which draws his attention when he first meets someone he is interested in. He is attracted to a woman who has firm leg and breasts and who takes pride in how they look and present themselves. He enjoys a feminine woman who have a pretty face and is very enthusiastic and happy about life. The Pisces man appreciates a woman who is intelligent and has a positive attitude and a sense of humor. He is most attracted to the physical attributes of the lips, nice legs, well-formed breasts, lovely eyes, not too much makeup, and is feminine and enjoys being a woman.

Pisces Turn-Ons:

- Neat and clean
- Clean smell/fresh body odor
- Taste of their lips
- Feminine
- Nice legs
- Well formed breasts
- Firm butt
- Lovely eyes
- Sense of humor
- Intelligence
- Positive/happy
- Enthusiastic

Pisces Turn-Offs:

- Foul language
- Bad teeth
- Smokes
- Extremely overweight
- Too much perfume
- Too clingy
- Bitter about past relationships
- Wears too much makeup
- Cuts her hair too short
- Rudeness/vulgar/aggressive
- Too loud

Dating a Pisces Man:

When dating a Pisces man he is romantic and considerate of your feelings as he enjoys spending quality time with his partner. He is a water sign, so he likes to be near the ocean walking along the shores or canoeing on a peaceful lake. The Pisces man enjoys seeing romantic movies, cuddling, kissing, and going out to dinner or being in environments that are quiet and relaxing. He can also enjoy spending the night out at the club dancing with you or enjoying conversations to get to know each other better. He enjoys public displays of affection and showing his lover how much he cares as well as making her feel good about herself. The Pisces man enjoys walks on the beach, watching the sunset and listening to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing as it brings tranquility and peace to his soul.

The Perfect Date:

For a Pisces man the perfect date would be a walk on the beach and enjoying stimulating conversation with their partner as they listen to the sounds of the ocean waves and watch the sunrise or sunset together. He enjoys anything from a romantic dinner and movie to traveling and exploring different cities together while making love in new and exciting places that stimulates a feeling of excitement and adventure. Any kind of activities that include water would be enjoyable for a Pisces Man such as: swimming, water skiing, going for a ferry ride, picnic by a lake, walks by the ocean, or sex by the beach. He is very sensitive, empathetic, and psychic so anything that is sensual in nature or brings a feeling of tranquility makes him feel right at home in his element.

Famous Pisces Men:

- Kurt Cobain
- Freddie Prince Jr.
- Bruce Willis
- Kurt Russell
- Jerry Lewis
- Jon Bon Jovi
- Adam Levine
- Justin Bieber
- Albert Einstein
- Johnny Cash
- Chuck Norris
- Benicio Del Toro

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