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January 2024 Astrology Forecast and Love Tips For Every Zodiac Sign

Date 1/1/2024
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Hello 2024! We're all collectively letting out a breath with the ending of the old year and the end of Mercury retrograde. This January will be a mix of work and play as both lively Sagittarius and intense Capricorn feature very strongly this month. If you aren't careful, you could get easily worn out by the big energy from these two signs. But it's also a chance to connect more deeply with the things that feed your inner fire and use that to create plans that will stay solid for the months to come. 

Sagittarius's influence on Mercury, Venus, and Mars at the start of the year may have you wondering about the big questions in front of you. Spend some time to really consider them. When the three of them meet up again in Capricorn at the end of the month, you'll be better able to take advantage of both Capricorn discipline and the Sun in Aquarius's out-of-the-box, forward thinking.  

Be ready to work hard and play hard this January. As always, a healthy balance is key.

Zodiac Signs Night Sky

January 2023 Monthly Astrological Forecast

The month opens with a harmonious blend of Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. Expect clear communication and a warm, adventurous tone, especially as Mercury moves out of retrograde on the first of day of the new year, ushering in a period of smoother interactions and more straightforward conversations. During the initial days of January, Venus and Mars align in Sagittarius until January 3rd, infusing romantic connections with passion and a sense of adventure. While Mars moves out of Sagittarius on the 4th, Mercury and Venus continue their journey in the sign of the archer together until the 13th. This is a time to be a little more candid and open with your thoughts. Whether you're single or partnered, embrace the spontaneity in matters of the heart.

Capricorn energy has a strong influence this month, especially with Mars, Venus, and Mercury reuniting there on January 23rd. Use this period to set clear goals and pursue them with resilience. Channel the disciplined energy of Capricorn to overcome challenges and make significant strides. Venus's presence in Capricorn builds on the moments of fun from earlier in the month and has us contemplating which relationships have real depth. Prioritize loyalty and the building of strong foundations as the end of January comes around.


Love Tips Planets

Love Aspects as Influenced by the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Sun Signs Transits

Full Wolf Moon in Leo – (January 25, 2024) 

The Moon in Leo brings out our desire to shine. Don't accept anything less than the love you know you deserve. Draw in people and situations that will match your energy and bask in the glow of shared passion.

Moon Ritual - Carry sunstone or tiger's eye with you. Charge it with the intention of being bold enough to dream big and claim the good things in your life that cross your path.

Mercury in Sagittarius (January 1 - January 13) 

On January 1st, Mercury concludes its retrograde phase in Sagittarius, giving us all a much needed refresh on our communication channels, ensuring clarity and eliminating any miscommunication. Having Venus alongside it adds a little more warmth until the 13th, while Mars adds a touch of fire until the third. You may feel a strong pull to explore ideas that have been close to your heart for awhile, with Mars energy giving you a small push to go for it.

Mercury in Capricorn (January 14 – February 4)

The big ideas from earlier in the month take on a grounded tone, resembling a thoughtful discussion over a cup of well-brewed coffee. Consider Mercury in Capricorn as a celestial organizer, assisting us in structuring our thoughts with a touch of practical wisdom. This is when you will want to break out your journal or your vision board to give some structure to your dreams. Keep the idealism from Mercury's passage in Sagittarius but check in with Capricornian pragmatism to create a realistic roadmap to take you where you want to go.

Venus in Sagittarius (January 1 - January 22)

Love takes on an adventurous flair during this transit. Venus in Sagittarius encourages you to explore new relationships or infuse existing ones with a sense of spontaneity. This celestial energy sparks a fiery passion for life and love, urging you to embrace your desires with an open heart and a twinkle in your eye. If you've been longing to try to something a little different and fun, now is the time to go for it.

Venus in Capricorn (January 23 – February 15)

After the heady adventurousness of Sagittarius, love takes on a more grounded and practical tone starting on the 23rd. Don't regret any of the fun you had earlier this month, but do use those experiences to inform what you really want in a long-term love. It's time to appreciate the beauty of stability, loyalty, and shared goals. Venus in Capricorn invites you to savor the beauty of lasting connections and the joy found in building something solid with someone special. 

Mars in Sagittarius (January 1 - January 3)

This energetic phase ignites a spirited flame in our pursuits, urging us to conquer new horizons. Mars in Sagittarius inspires you to embrace challenges with a fearless and adventurous spirit. This fiery energy propels us to set ambitious goals, charging into the world with enthusiasm and zest. This is the time to take tangible action in the pursuit of your dreams, be they personal or professional, with the fiery arrow of Sagittarian determination.

Mars in Capricorn (January 4 - February 12)

While the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius may fade, Mars in Capricorn ensures that our actions are deliberate, well-organized, and aimed at achieving lasting accomplishments. This transition brings a grounded energy to our endeavors, adding in healthy doses of discipline and determination. The movements towards your goals may seem smaller or less flashy than the moves made when Mars was in Sagittarius. But it's those small but careful actions done daily that will get you across the finish line.

For all things astrology, check out our Psychic Source Astrology Guide. Learn even more about the planets and how they impact your life.

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Love Tips for Every Zodiac Sign – January 2024

Each month brings us an opportunity to improve or enjoy elements in our personal lives and love connection. Let us review each sign and see what lies ahead.


Aries (March 21 – April 20)

January starts with Mars, your ruling planet, in Sagittarius, sparking a desire for adventurous and spirited romantic pursuits. This energy shifts when Mars enters Capricorn on January 3rd, bringing a more grounded and ambitious tone to your love life. The new moon in Capricorn on January 11th could mark the beginning of a serious relationship or a new phase in an existing one. Pay attention to how your career ambitions align with your romantic goals this month. Look for significant developments in your love life, especially around the full moon in Leo on January 25th, which illuminates your need for recognition and affection. 

Best days:  January 4,11, 18


Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

With Venus, your ruling planet, in Sagittarius as the month begins, you're encouraged to step out of your comfort zone in love. That's never an easy thing for Taurus, but it will be beneficial. You will feel much more in your element when Venus moves into Capricorn on January 13th. Your natural charm and attractiveness will be amplified, making it an excellent time to attract or deepen a romantic connection. The Capricorn new moon invites you to set intentions regarding your future in love.  

Best days: January 13, 20, 27


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

With your ruler Mercury in Sagittarius until January 13th, your communicative skills are enhanced, making it an excellent time for deep, meaningful conversations in your romantic relationships. The new moon in Capricorn could signify a time to make serious decisions or commitments in love. On January 25th, the full moon in Leo lights up your romantic sector, bringing a situation to a climax or resolution. This month, your challenge is to balance your need for intellectual stimulation with the practical aspects of your relationships. 

Best days: January 9, 11, 25


Cancer (June 21 – July 21)

Although you are a water sign, you make the most of the energy of the grounded Capricorn Sun, especially around the new moon on January 11th, highlighting new beginnings or important developments in your romantic life. Mars in Capricorn from January 3rd onwards adds passion and intensity to your connections. This is a time for taking decisive action in your love life. The full moon in Leo on January 25th brings a culmination or turning point in a relationship, possibly involving a decision about cohabitation or family. Embrace the balance between your emotional needs and practical realities

Best days: January 11, 17, 25


Leo (July 22 – August 21)

The Sun's journey through Capricorn until January 19th brings attention to the practicalities of your relationships. Balancing romance with daily responsibilities becomes a central theme. The full moon in your sign on January 25th is a powerful time for self-expression and personal realizations in love. It's a moment to celebrate your individuality and how it enhances your romantic connections. Mars in Capricorn suggests that assertive communication can lead to constructive changes in your relationships.

Best days: January 11, 25, 28


Virgo (August 22 – September 21)

With Mercury in Sagittarius, your communication in love is lighthearted and philosophical until January 13th. The new moon in Capricorn on January 11th, marks a period of new beginnings. Whether single or in a relationship, this is a time to embrace love with a fresh perspective. The Capricorn influence this month urges you to consider the more serious aspects of your relationships, such as commitment and loyalty. Fortunately, as a meticulous Virgo, this will feel like second nature to you. It may even feel refreshing after the whirlwind of Sagittarius energy. 

Best days: January 11, 14, 21


Libra (September 22 – October 21)

Venus in Sagittarius until January 13th, brings a sense of adventure and playfulness to your love life. Like Taurus, Venus is your ruling planet, but you navigate the breezy energy a lot more comfortably. This is a time to explore new aspects of your relationship or to meet someone new if you're single. The new moon in Capricorn signals a period of reflection on what you truly need in a relationship to feel secure and valued. This month is about finding balance between fun and seriousness in love. Trust your intuition on what feels right for you. 

Best days: January  13, 19, 24


Scorpio (October 22 – November 21)

Mars moving into Capricorn on January 3rd deepens your emotional connections in love. This transit encourages you to pursue your romantic desires with determination and focus. The new moon in Capricorn is particularly potent for your intimate relationships, signaling a time for renewal or deepening of bonds. Its energy helps ground your sometimes wary nature, allowing you to make a true connection. The full moon in Leo on January 25th may bring a dramatic turn or important revelation in your love life. The shifting between Sagittarius and Capricorn energies helps you embrace the transformative power of your emotions this month. 

Best days: January 8, 11, 25 


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The high you felt in December continues this January as several planets continue to transit through your sign. With Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius until January 13th, your natural charm and charisma are heightened, making it an excellent time for romantic pursuits. The new moon in your communication sector on January 11th opens up opportunities for heart-to-heart conversations and deeper understanding in your relationships. This month, your challenge is to balance your need for freedom with the desire for connection in love. 

Best days: January 3, 11, 13


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

With the Sun in your sign until January 19th, you're in the spotlight, making this an ideal time to focus on your personal goals in love. The new moon in Capricorn on January 11th is a powerful time for setting intentions in your romantic life. Mars entering your sign on January 3rd brings an energizing influence to your pursuit of love, encouraging you to take the initiative in relationships. This is a month to define what you truly want in love and to take steps towards achieving it.  

Best days: January  11, 13, 19


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The Capricorn Sun until January 19th encourages introspection in your love life. This is a time to reflect on past relationships and to learn from them. The new moon in Capricorn invites you to set intentions for emotional healing and preparing for future love. The full moon in Leo on January 25th brings clarity and insight into your current romantic situation, highlighting the balance between independence and connection. When the Sun moves into your sign on the 20th, you'll be ready to move forward, wiser after all the lessons learned earlier this month.

Best days: January 12, 19, 25 


Pisces (February 19 – March 21)

Your sensitive nature might feel a little overwhelmed with Sagittarean intensity, so the shift into Capricorn's serious and disciplined approach to life later in the month might feel especially soothing. This transit encourages you to take responsibility for your romantic happiness and to build relationships with a strong foundation. The new moon in Capricorn is an opportune time to set goals for your love life, focusing on long-term fulfillment and security. Enjoy this more settled period and use it to recharge your batteries. 

Best days: January 11, 16, 23



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