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Numerology and Astrology and their Correlation to the Zodiac

Date 1/19/2024
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Discover the powerful connection between the zodiac and numerology.

Discover the powerful connection between the zodiac and numerology.

Did you know that your Zodiac Sign has both a number and a planet associated with it? And that those planets and numbers hold their own meanings that further unlock the qualities of your sign and in return, you? Knowing the correlations between numerology and astrology can really deepen the relationship you have with your Zodiac Sign, especially if you feel you sometimes don’t align with your sign’s descriptions.

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac and 9 planets in our solar system, so some signs actually share a planet. Numerology is the study of the significance of numbers that uses the primary numbers to unlock insight into various sides of your personality and ways of existing. I love learning that there is more to my personality than just the positives and negatives of my astrological sun sign!

Find your Sun sign below to learn more about these number and astrology associations!


Number one

Numerology 1

Number 1 Meaning: One is the number of initiations, new beginnings, and originality. 1 represents courage and enthusiasm. 1 is the number of individual pursuits, innovation, and leadership.

Planetary Ruler of Number 1 - Leo

Leo you naturally have the energy of innovation and leadership and with the support the sun’s energy you also have the stamina to put your ideas into action. You like risk and have an immense amount of courage to follow through. Your warm and enthusiastic personality will be the fuel to your pursuits and projects.

Sun Keywords: Personality, Action, Stamina. The Sun in astrology represents the core basis of our personality. This is the action behind our intentions, and this is the area that emanates our unique qualities.



Numerology 2

Number 2 Meaning: Two is the number of peace, balance, and partnerships. Since 2 is focused on balance, it usually brings together opposites in order to gain unity.

Planetary Ruler of Number 2 - Cancer

Cancer, you aren’t just emotional, but you are also extremely intuitive and use this intuition to bring together two things that may not ever seem like they belong. You have the power to unite others together and often are the bringer of peace. And because of your sensitivity, you often find incredibly creative ways of doing so.

Moon Keywords: Emotions, Instincts, Creativity. The Moon in astrology represents the ways we react to the world on an emotional and intuitive level. This is the area where our gut reactions are and the place where we just “know” things.


Number three

Numerology 3

Number 3 Meaning: Three is the number of creativity, fluidity and as a combination of both 1 and 2 is the action of when your impulses and desire for peace come in. 3 is also the number of curiosity and learning.

Planetary Ruler of Number 3 - Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you embody the action side of the 3. You look in the world for your lessons and are fluid in the way you move from one place and idea to another. You are able to absorb lessons from many educational spaces and coalesce them together in order for them to have a greater impact on humanity.

Jupiter Keywords: Expansion, Growth, Abundance. Jupiter is the planet that stands for our bigger picture ideas, humanitarianism, philosophy, and learning.


Number four

Numerology 4

Number 4 Meaning: Four is the number of foundations, practicality, and also a bent into divine energy. Often a paradoxical number, the number 4 creates foundations for unseen possibilities.

Planetary Ruler of Number 4 - Aquarius

Aquarius, you may feel often misunderstood by folks and they may not always listen to your ideas. You have a way of looking at systems and often you are the one tasked with creating the foundations for a more innovative society.

Uranus Keywords: 

Reform, Eccentricity, Forward Thinking. Uranus is the planet of making changes for a more forward-thinking society. Thought of as eccentric, this quality is often needed when producing innovative and creative ways of making societal change.


Number five

Numerology 5

Number 5 Meaning: Five is the number of versatility, movement, risk, and exploring the unknown. It also is the number of the 5 senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing.

Planetary Rulers of Number 5 - Gemini and Virgo

Gemini you are so clear when expressing your thoughts and feelings. You may relate more to the quality of 5 which is versatile and ever moving: meaning you may change your thoughts and feelings frequently. There are many areas where this is helpful, especially around areas of forgiveness and relationship shifts.

Virgo, you align deeply with the number 5 in relation to the 5 senses and how these can inform our way of communicating. You know organization of a home both with décor and functionality can improve your mood. You invite in the perspective of that communication, knowing that can happen with the clothes we wear, the systems we create, and the way we take care of our bodies.

Mercury Keywords: Intellect, Communication, Reason. Mercury is the planet of how we communicate and the intricate structure around it. It is the planet of language, both spoken and interpreted and works with systems of organization around human connection.


Number six

Numerology 6

Number 6 Meaning: Six is the number of conception, nurturing, and support. The number 6 is also the number of warmth, compassion and wisdom.

Planetary Rulers of Number 6 - Taurus and Libra

Taurus is very much interested in all things pleasurable. If it is pleasing to the eye, Taurus is very much drawn to it, but not in a superficial way because you are also ruled by Venus and the number 6, you also know the benefit of having a beautiful space to create a nurturing and supportive atmosphere.

Libra, you think about beauty and attraction through the lens of harmony. Your compassion for others and appreciation for beauty often leads you to discover solutions by finding the middle ground. As an air sign, you are particularly drawn to finding harmony and compassion by bringing your wisdom into challenging situations to bring two folks together who may have been previously strictly apart.

Venus Keywords: Beauty, Harmony, Attraction. Venus is the planet that rules our views on beauty, and harmony and often holds clues into how we attract others. Venus influences our aesthetic preferences, material desires, fashion tendencies, and also how we choose partners.


number seven

Numerology 7

Number 7 Meaning: Seven is the number that brings ideas into reality. It’s the number of remembering the past and bringing it in the future.

Planetary Ruler of Number 7 - Pisces

Pisces you are naturally gifted with the ability to feel into the spiritual elements of the universe—therefore it may help you to bring those elements to your space and time. While you naturally float in the waters of creativity and mysticism, the 7 urges you not to keep these lessons a secret, but to share them with the world through your art or work.

Neptune Keywords: Imagination, Dreams, Mysticism. This planet is all about bringing the spiritual truths of time into our current perspective of living. Neptune reminds us that while there are many new ways of doing things, there are still wise and mystic truths that are timeless.


number eight

Numerology 8

Number 8 Meaning: Eight is the number of strength, abundance, financial security, and entrepreneurship. 8 is also the number of visions and dreams being made practical. 

Planetary Ruler of Number 8 - Capricorn

Capricorn you are blessed with the ability to see structures as useful tools that can support you in fulfilling your dreams. The 8 supports you and may also remind you that many of the structures you create in the world may be influenced by your dreams and inner world as much as anything you’ve already created in the world.

Saturn Keywords: Ambition, Discipline, Structure. Saturn is all about bringing limitation and restriction into our lives in order to create intentional space for growth. Saturn influences boundaries, self-control, and dedication to achieving our goals.


number nine

Numerology 9

Number 9 Meaning: Nine is the number of transformation, and evolution, and is associated with psychic abilities. 9 is unconditional love, tolerance, and powerful personalities.


Planetary Ruler of Number 9 - Aries

Aries, you may have had a natural way of existing in the world that is intense, passionate, and full of fiery desire, but remember this is your gateway to understanding the world better. The more you put yourself out there, the more people you meet, the more you can pull in the qualities of 9 to develop your tolerance.

Mars Keywords: Action, Competition, Passion. This planet holds the qualities of your desires, how you take part in the action, and also various levels of your energy and how you use it.

Planetary Ruler of Number 9 - Scorpio

Scorpio you have a very intense personality and embody unconditional love. You know the power of love and how important every experience of life is. You transform your way of being through your love and exploration of connection to these philosophic ideas of Pluto and the number 9.

Pluto Keywords: Evolution, Transformation, Rebirth. Pluto stands for evolution and the way we transform through knowledge and experience. Pluto rules death, whether that’s the death of our lives or the death of habits and relationships.

astrology numerology

Having this numerology and astrology knowledge, combined with an understanding of planetary influences, can really help you on your journey of spiritual self-discovery. These parts of your personality should all be evaluated when making decisions and finding an authentic path for work or love. Make sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for an even more in-depth understanding!


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