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How Every Zodiac Sign Dreams by Psychic Zoey

Date 6/3/2024
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How does YOUR Zodiac sign dream?

How does YOUR Zodiac sign dream?

Dreams are a specialty of mine.  I love deciphering them in my many dream classes, and in the context of readings.  Just as how we see the world around us in our waking life, so we dream within our perspective as well. 

Let’s go through the astrological signs one by one to show just how dreams are particular to each sign.

Aries: March 21 – April 19

Let’s begin with the first sign, Aries.  Typically known for their strength and determination in matters of the heart and otherwise, Aries can be fierce, challenging, and opinionated.  On the positive side, members of this sign are loyal, driven and use their strength in protecting loved one. 

Aries tend to have dreams stemming from their desires, achievements and goals.  “I dreamt about a bull thundering toward me.  I could never run fast enough, just stayed a few feet ahead of him, no matter how hard I pushed myself,” said an Aries dreamer.  This dream clearly shows the driven attitude of this sign and their strength in pursuing a goal.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

The second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, consists of extremely down-to-earth people who are, mainly passive, yet dependable to those they love.  Taureans are fiercely loyal and comfortable.  Bulls dream of comfort, things that make them happy and are staples in their world.  Sometimes jealousy will extend to their dream world, as they expect their lovers to be as loyal and dependable as they are.

“I had a dream about a woman sailing off in a ship,” said one Taurus. “And as much as I called to her, she would not look back at me.  Just stood at the helm and stared straight ahead.”  Later we deciphered that this woman was the woman of his dreams who had decided to leave him.  She felt smothered.  He felt defeated and cheated on.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

The third Zodiac sign is Gemini, known as the “twins”.  Witty, amusing, flexible, yet sometimes fickle, Gemini’s can border on the devious side.  Members of this sign can exhibit evidence of being unreliable, having a short memory, and even ungrateful in their casual way. Their dreams are snippets, quick moments they’ve seized upon throughout the day; little vignettes of places and people they’ve encountered. 

“There we were, riding in my car, just speeding along when suddenly a train crossed our path.  I turned the wheel hard, and the car was airborne.  And I was driving alone,” said one Gemini recalling a recent dream.  Clearly this depicts his addiction to excitement, change and adventure.  His mind was so driven toward the excitement, that he didn’t even miss the woman who had been in the car with him.  She was evidently secondary to the adventure he was embarking on.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

Cancer, the crab, is the fourth Zodiac sign.  Emotional, sensitive, and seekers of security, Crabs are the givers of the Zodiac.  Others look to them for support and comfort, but they do not easily give up their emotional undercurrent.  After all, they’d rather hide in their shells.

“I felt like I was standing in the wind, without support, just feeling the currents whisk against my face,” said one Cancer about her dream.  “It was frightening.  I felt like I was facing the elements without a safety net.”  Obviously, she had found herself in a situation that was highly uncomfortable and revealing.  She had basically lost her home (shell) and was finding this difficult to deal with.

Leo: July 23 – August 22

The fifth Zodiac sign is Leo, the King of the Jungle.  Leos are nothing if they aren’t dramatic.  They can also be terribly creative, especially in the drama field.  They want to shine, be admired, and be in the spotlight most of the time.  And as is their nature, Leo’s tend to dream big.  They dream about scaling mountains, attaining dreams, and being admired. 

One Leo told me about a dream, “There I was standing in the audience listening to the actors say their lines.  I couldn’t believe it.  Why was I in the audience and not out on stage?  I just felt so devastated.  Suddenly I found myself running out of the building.  I didn’t want to participate in this drama if I wasn’t going to be part of it.”  Plainly this fellow was not where he wanted to be in life.  He needed to make some drastic and immediate changes as his subconscious was telling him through his dreams.

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

The sixth Zodiac sign is that of Virgo, the Virgin.  Responsible, perfectionist, and particular, are all Virgo traits.  If there is something to be done in detail, a Virgo will be there to complete the task. 

One Virgo related his dream to me as follows: “I was sitting in a room counting seeds.  The owner told me to count seeds.  So, I sat there for maybe ten hours counting and counting.  When my boss finally came back, he opened another sack and thousands of small seeds came flying out.  Even though I was tired, I felt I had to get through this task before I could sleep.”  His subconscious was telling him that enough was enough.  It was time he stood up and began seriously considering the direction he wanted his life to take.

Libra: September 23 – October 22

The seventh sign is Libra, the Scales.  Balance, harmony, equality, and beauty - this is what Librans are all about. 

A Libra woman dreamt that she was looking in the mirror and saw signs of white in her hair.  Suddenly the white grew to a point it was completely predominant, covering most of her head.  Next she was sitting in a jury box listening vehemently to a murder case.  When the court convened and the jurors were sent back to vote, she was not heard.  As much as she tried, the other jurors looked past her, as if she did not exist.  When they all were sent back to the court room and the innocent victim was about to be charged, she stood up and shouted for his innocence.  Strangely no one noticed, nor even commented on her outburst.  Soon two police attendants came to take her away.  She was led, screaming, from the courtroom, as the trial continued with no one taking note of her abrupt exit.  This dream depicted her innate fear of no longer being considered viable as she aged.  She put too much emphasis on her appearance yet was ready to fight for the underdog.  She was clearly seeing herself as the underdog, and her dreams were signaling her to begin taking her power back.

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

The eighth Zodiac sign is Scorpio.  In a word, Scorpios are intense.  They care immensely, have a deep inner life and feel the intensity of life.  Scorpio dreams reflect this in their connection with the underpinnings of life and death.  They are powerfully forceful when they fight for their dreams.  And speaking of dreams, Scorpios tend to dream major dreams topics like life, death and love from the heights of passion. 

“Why am I repeatedly dreaming about ancient Greece and the goddess Athena?” asked one Scorpio in my dream class.  He revealed that he was in a relationship with a female writer.  It seems his dream about the Goddess Athena was telling him the intensity of his love for this woman.  He needed to dramatize everything in order to feel comfortable in his world.  Everything became deep, intense, and major.  He was actually setting his relationship up for failure, for who can possibly compete with Athena?

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

The ninth Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, the Archer.  Generally, Sagittarius is a generous, adventurous, optimistic sign.  Sometimes their honesty can be mistaken for carelessness, but Sagittarius is a quick, wanting-to-be-free sign.  Sagittarians tend to have “big” dreams in amazing color. 

“I was on a trip through Egypt when I noticed the tour guide getting distracted.  Before I knew it, he had fallen off his camel and passed out onto the sands.  I remember rushing to the front and leading all the people out of the desert heat.  It was amazing!  I felt so happy!”  This is a great dream, depicting the dreamer’s state of mind and desires.  He craved dramatic adventure and helping people.  This was a no-nonsense dream straight from his wish list. 

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

The 10th Zodiac sign is Capricorn, the Goat.  Organized, no-nonsense, loyal, and an old soul - that’s a typical Capricorn. 

“The house I was living in at the time began to fall apart. I remember running from room to room in desperation.  Then I began climbing the stairs.  As I got half way up to the second floor, the stairs began crumbling under me.  I could see them falling away as I moved faster and faster.”  This particular Capricorn was having money problems and began fearing that he would lose his family’s home; that he wasn’t doing enough to secure the trust his family had placed in him.  He believed it was all up to him to take care of everyone.  He felt out-of-control when his organizational skills seemed to fail him.  Now, he couldn’t handle it anymore and was having emotional difficulties.  His dream clearly pointed that out.

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

The 11th Zodiac Sign is Aquarius, the Waterbearer.  Independent, thinking outside the box, following their own star; this is the typical Aquarian’s way of being.  Their dreams tend to encompass the unusual, the unknown, the less traveled path. 

Aquarians tend to dream of new frontiers whether psychic anomalies, or outer space oddities. Their dreams are insightful, deep, and unusual.  “As we looked out the window, we could see the planets spinning by us.  Our spaceship was headed for the inner galaxy and it felt like we were going faster and faster.  But the only way we could sense this speed was by the planets and stars we kept passing.  I remember leaning out the window of the spaceship and touching one of the multi-colored stars.  It was hot to the touch, but so beautiful.  The color seemed to melt onto my space suit.  I loved it!”  This Aquarian was living his dream, scaling the heights of his imagination, of what might be possible.  He was dreaming about challenges and newness and how it would feel.  His dream was showing the working and wishful thinking of his subconscious mind. 

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

The 12th Zodiac sign is Pisces.  Intuitive dreamers, these are the traits of the Pisces. They take everything on, if not careful, and live in their own world of dreams. 

“I was standing on a rock with the water lapping at my feet.  Above me the sun was so warm, so beautiful, and nearby I could see beautiful flowers winding around almost touching my toes.  In the distance several people were screaming something about a big wave coming toward me, but I just kept smiling and standing on my rock.  The wave did crest near me but emerged as a few bubbles near my feet.  It was so beautiful!”  This Piscean woman was dreaming what was perfectly natural to her.  She lived inside a world of her own making, an imaginative, creative, beauteous place where nothing could hurt her, so nothing did.  Her dream depicted this in dramatic style.

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Zoey has always been passionate about writing and art. She's had many media stories published plus poetry and greeting card verses. Some of her very favorite stories were written about Jamaica from a press tour. These led to discussions about her tarot reading. Before she knew it she was being asked to come back and read in a salon. Zoey is currently working on a fiction book about how thoughts can create your world. She hopes through her characters to teach clients how to create less havoc in their lives while manifesting their heartfelt desires.


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