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Using Astrology to Guide a Path for Change by Psychic Donovan

Date 3/30/2023
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This Universe (Multiverse) that we live in, she’s an absolute doll. When we love her, she loves us right back. And she is clearly on our side: that is, our voice, thoughts, and deeds we perform today pave our tomorrows. In a manner of speaking, we’ve been given the gift of the gods. We are so blessed that we do not have to wait for our “ship to come in.” We can, instead, swim out to the ship or simply build ourselves a better one. Yet the catalyst still happens. Days of rough circumstances inspire ideas that our luck (fortune) has run out.

The focus of this article is to highlight how Astrology can be useful and fascinating for raising one’s vibration (level of receiving), and how Astrology can be a divination tool (GPS) for making one of the more significant life changes, like moving to a new location, a lot easier by highlighting what influences and aspects would show up for you in such a change.

Astrology for Change Moon Phases

Grandmother Moon

Using the placements of the Moon in its trek around the Earth to your advantage for enhancing your fortune and raising your vibration (getting back to a better receiving place) is so effective and simple I need to start with this first. Plenty of almanacs will tell you the different phases of the moon in a given 28-day cycle. Some say 4 phases, some say 8 phases, and some say 12, etc. Add to this the Moon placement in your Astrology natal chart, and things can get confusing (it is this way for me).

My old Ma and her mother taught me five things to remember about the Moon for using the lunar influences to your advantage:

  1. Use the time frame of the New Moon to start projects, initiate new beginnings. The New Moon is basically the first 48 hours or so of a 28-day cycle. This means if you have a special endeavor, crack that puppy open as close as possible to the New Moon time frame. Note: if your endeavor is to lose weight or let go of an unwanted habit/pattern, read further, as I will address that specifically later.
  2. Use the First Quarter Moon to clarify, polish, or bolster an already initiated endeavor. Started something, and it’s beginning to sag or lose some pizazz? Hey, this is the perfect time, right when the Moon is about a week old, to give the project extra focus or TLC.
  3. Full Moon. This is the best time to celebrate what success or successes you have had, successes in general and/or regarding a specific project that is in its infancy or already in progress. Celebrate the successes you want to have. This is the time to really focus from the finish-line. Rage with appreciation, blow out that gratitude list, because everything you focus upon during the Full Moon will get bigger. The Full Moon is an amplifier. A word of warning, this is not the time to approach any topics of contention. For example: the neighbor keeps parking in front of your driveway, and you want to address it with them? Wait until we get four or five days past the Full Moon. Only focus upon what you want to get bigger during the Full Moon.
  4. Last Quarter Moon. This happens one week after the Full Moon. This is the perfect time to start a diet, kick a habit, set boundaries with knuckleheads, or drop a pattern that just doesn’t serve you anymore. When you want to start a routine that shuts-out or fades-out something you no longer want in your life, pick the Last Quarter Moon time period to do it. This is when the Moon is on the wane. Actually, starting four or five days after the Full Moon is ideal for editing out patterns that no longer serve you.

Astrology for Change Vision Board

Vision Board and Chart Rulership

This is an important one. If you don’t have at least one vision board up, get one up. Hopefully you have more than one running. Even if the vision board is a simple index card with an affirmation on it, please get one up. If you are not aiming where you want to go, you’ll get nowhere. There is a way to use Astrology to optimize your vision board. What I mean by optimize is outfit your vision board in a way that will align you with feeling self-actualized, align you with feeling fortuitous, align you with your Higher Self (that divine part of you) and help you feel like the Universe is on your side. The Universe is on your side.

Each one of us is born with a Sun Sign and a Rising Sign (Ascendant). The Rising Sign reveals your perception of reality. The Rising Sign is the mask you wear in public and a microcosm of your entire life experience, and this includes the tropes and patterns that will show up in your life over and over again. This Rising Sign is ruled by what the old yogis referred to as the Chart Ruler. Your Chart Ruler sets the theme for your entire Natal Chart, and, perhaps, your entire life. The Chart Ruler influences how you approach life and how others view you. Your Chart Ruler really is a major celebrity and influencer in your personal wheel of consciousness.

My suggestion is to adorn your vision board with the attributes of your Chart Ruler in strategic partnership with your chosen goal. This will help eliminate the feeling of swimming upstream or fighting against yourself. For example, should your Chart Ruler be Venus, I would suggest adorning your vision board with the ambiance of art, love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity, and victory along with your chosen vision.

Below is a list of the Chart Ruler planets and the corresponding Rising Sign (Ascendant).

  • Aries: Mars
  • Taurus: Venus
  • Gemini: Mercury
  • Cancer: Moon
  • Leo: Sun
  • Virgo: Mercury
  • Libra: Venus
  • Scorpio: Pluto or Mars
  • Sagittarius: Jupiter
  • Capricorn: Saturn
  • Aquarius: Uranus or Saturn
  • Pisces: Neptune or Jupiter

If you don’t know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), no problem, check out this superb podcast on Ascending Signs and our Rising Sign Calculator.  

Astrology for Change Relocation

Relocation Chart

A very trendy, dependable, and easy-to-use Astrology tool that I am excited to share with you is what is called a Relocation Chart. I am sure you have heard of it. If you haven’t, the gist of the tactic goes like this. I am turning 55 soon. I have my eye on a 55 and over neighborhood I am interested in. This area is a couple states away, different in many ways from where I am. I want to know how this will affect me. What can I expect? Is this a good match? The idea is to do an astrological chart for myself that focuses on the new location and its impact on me. So, what I would do is take my Natal Chart data and substitute the location I was born at (the zip code or longitude and latitude coordinates) with the zip code/longitude and latitude of the new location.

A key detail to mention is the time. I see a lot of people goof this, including myself. When doing a Relocation Chart, it is important to not only use the new location details but also the time details. For example: I was born at approximately 4:48pm in San Francisco. If I am moving to Virginia, which is a three-hour time difference, I need to change the time also. 4:48pm in California is 7:48pm in Virginia. Hence, my Relocation Chart for moving to Virginia needs to have the Virginia time in which I was born in addition to the Virginia location coordinates that I will be moving to.

Okay. Fine. You ran your Relocation Chart or had an astrologer do it for you. Now what? What differences will be apparent between the Natal Chart and the Relocation Chart? The planetary positions in your Relocation Chart should be identical to those in your Natal Chart, but the angles, house cusps, and thusly, the Ascendant and Midheaven will have changed. If, however, you see a different position for your Moon, which is most sensitive to time changes, you’ll know that the Relocation Chart is not correct for the reason I mentioned above: the time of birth was not adjusted for the time zone of the new location.

Astrology for Change

I have two suggestions for what to look at when comparing your Natal Chart with your Relocation Chart.

  1. Your Ascendant or Rising Sign will likely be different. The Rising Sign reveals your perception of reality. The Rising Sign is definitely the mask you wear in public, but it is also so much more personal than your external, front-facing persona. Your Rising Sign is an encapsulation of your entire life experience, including the themes and patterns that will show up in your life over and over again. The Rising Sign is essentially Cliff Notes on the way others see you, but also the way you perceive others. And it highlights your Chart Ruler mentioned earlier.
  2. Your chart Midhaven will also be different. The Midheaven line (MC, Medium Coeli) is the cusp of the tenth house of the Natal Chart (and Relocation Chart) and is one of the four angles of a chart. The other three angles are the Imum Coeli (IC – directly opposite the Midheaven), and the Ascendant (ASC), and the Descendant (DSC). Which celestial body is ruling the Midhaven is significant because the Midhaven represents a lot, and it’s all important for all these reasons and more:
    1. Your overall standing in society and the world and your sense of responsibility.
    2. Your material accomplishments, especially the ones that will matter to you most.
    3. Yes. This is your more public face; a little different from your personal face represented by the Ascendant.
    4. The Midheaven reflects your leadership style, relationships with authority figures such as your employer, and also how you as an employer or boss/leader use dominance or dominion.
    5. The Midhaven shows your legacy, too. The Midheaven describes what you consider success and what makes you feel successful.

You can see the Relocation Chart will give a lot of valuable information. I barely covered a morsel of what can be learned from a Relocation Chart. Logic says that moving from a big city to a bucolic setting will change your wheelhouse, but a Relocation Chart will give you specifics to aid in deciding should I stay or should I go?  


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Donovan grew up in a home where the psychic arts and performing readings for others was considered a privilege and a folk art to be nurtured and treasured. Donovan’s number one love has been reading for others, and he has been doing so professionally since 1995. Donovan has degrees in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Business Management. When Donovan is not reading for others he enjoys reading and writing about the Hermetic sciences: Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Qabalah, Theurgy, etc.


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