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Who's Your Patron Goddess Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Date 1/24/2023
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Artemis the archer is a perfect patron goddess for a Sagittarius needs help hitting the bullseye.

Artemis the archer is a perfect patron goddess for a Sagittarius needs help hitting the bullseye.

In many world cultures, deities and spirits are highly attuned to the movement of the planets and the astrological occurrences that influence our lives. Many women find the study of ancient Goddesses particularly inspiring when seeking to connect with the sacred "Divine Feminine" aspects of their nature. While these goddesses are accessible to anyone, they have characteristics that make them more highly attuned to certain zodiac signs. Consider the patron goddess most closely aligned with your zodiac sign when you're looking for a guiding influence.


Brigid, the Gaelic goddess of fire and poetry, is the ideal guardian for the fire sign Aries. Call on her divine flame for inspiration with your passionate projects.


The Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite is closely associated with Earth-centered Taurus. She offers comfort to the practical and occasionally bull-headed Taurus. 


Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow and a messenger to those on Mount Olympus. She can help provide clarity and facilitate better communication for the indecisive air sign Gemini.


Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest and grains, appeals to the emotional, nurturing nature of the water sign Cancer. She can help you care for and cultivate that which you want to grow in your life.


The Roman goddess Aurora personifies the dawn, bringing light each morning to dispel the dark. She is the perfect patron for the passionate Leo and can help illuminate problems when your stubborn or arrogant tendencies start to get in the way.


Persephone is the wife of Hades, making her queen of the underworld. Her movement to and from the underworld heralds the change of the seasons. Her steady pacing is ideal for guiding the patient and reliable Virgo.


The Roman goddess of love, Venus is a powerful patron for Libra. Just like Libra, she loves beauty and offers inspiration to this idealistic sign.


Morrigan is the Celtic triple goddess reigning over battle and death. Her might and mystery appeal to the secretive yet assertive water sign Scorpio.


Artemis, the Greek virgin goddess of the hunt, is fiercely independent, just like Sagittarius. She will guide this sign faithfully and help your arrows land true.


Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war, helps hardworking Capricorns achieve their goals. She is a powerful force for progress and success.


Maeve, the Irish goddess known to slay heroes, is a deity of sovereignty. She brings inspiration to the independent and assertive Aquarius zodiac sign.


Psyche is the Greek goddess of the soul. She's the perfect patron for the imaginative and empathetic Pisces, who can call upon her for understanding and deep insights.

Your patron goddess is a good go-to when you need guidance or inspiration, but these are far from the only deities that you can call upon. Try pulling an oracle card from a Goddess Oracle deck for daily inspiration. A psychic phone reading or personalized tarot reading may give you more insight into the current spiritual forces in your life so you can determine what energies to seek out for assistance.


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