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Life on the Leo Virgo Cusp by Psychic Moira

Date 12/13/2021
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What is it like to be born during the Leo/Virgo Cusp?

What is it like to be born during the Leo/Virgo Cusp?

Technically speaking, we are always one Sun sign or another. However, when we examine the intersection of the signs and houses on a Cusp, we observe a fusion more meaningful than the blended traits. 

Those born on the Leo-Virgo Cusp (August 19-25) must strive to obtain harmony and balance between two uniquely powerful influences. The Cusp of Exposure joins the Sun, Leo's ruler, and Mercury - the ruling planet of Virgo. Leo-Virgo Cusp people are often self-directed, critical thinkers. They can process minutia with ease.

Leo's symbol, the Lion, represents strength and courage. Lions are highly social animals; they live in large family groups known as a Pride, with up to forty Lions! Like the mighty Lion, big-hearted Leo also enjoys a healthy social circle and values their many friends. 

Virgo's symbol is the Virgin or maiden, a self-reliant soul; she symbolizes the harvest. In ancient Greek, the word Virgin meant "one unto herself." Virgo, Mutable Earth is a transitional sign. Self-sufficient, flexible introspective, and service oriented.

Ruler: The Sun/Mercury

Symbol: The Lion/The Virgin

Element: Fire/Earth

Expression: Fixed/Mutable

Your Strengths:

  • You are passionate and charismatic. 
  • Dedicated to your truth, you take up the gauntlet for causes and friends. 
  • A natural-born problem solver, you are also very persuasive, displaying remarkable strength in high-stress situations.
  • You are intelligent, quick, and an agile processor.

Your Vulnerabilities:

  • Self-contained, you can be cold at times, perhaps as a natural response to your mind working overtime. 
  • The need for control can spill over to the world around you, pushing others away when you're directing them.
  • Because your mind is working overtime, you can come across as over-bearing and a know-it-all.
  • You are especially vulnerable to burnout and compassion fatigue. 

If you are born on the Cusp of Exposure, you are bold and brave, shining brilliantly with intelligence and charisma. When you enter a room, every head turns. Amazingly observant, you can easily read people through body language and subtle non-verbal communication. 

Connecting two very different yet powerfully persuasive influences - the Sun (Self) and Mercury (Communication), make you a shining star - and even when you don't seek the attention, you comfortably step into the spotlight. A leader, never a follower. Others view you as a powerful ally and friend. 

Happy Birthday Cusp of Exposure! 

Thanks for reading. I'm so glad we're on this journey together. - Moira


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In-house Astrologer Moira writes the weekly Love Horoscopes for Psychic Source. Formally educated in psychology and theatre, She's also a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.

A professional Astrologer since 1986, Moira considers herself to be lifelong student of the esoteric arts. She travels extensively, leading workshops centered on soul-mate astrology, past life exploration, and psychic development.

Her passion is helping others find clarity and connect with their potential and purpose. When not working with Psychic Source customers, Moira volunteers with her local animal rescue group.


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