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Loving a Scorpio Man

Date 4/18/2024
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How do you love a Scorpio Man?

How do you love a Scorpio Man?

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As we embrace the Fall season, we come into an energy of death and rebirth which rules the astrological sign of Scorpio those born between October 23rd - November 21st. It symbolizes a time of resurrection, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes being spiritually reborn, as we embark on a journey into the unknown. We have planted our seeds of intention during the summer of what we hope to manifest into our lives and now we patiently wait for harvest time so we can reap the rewards for all of our hard work. The Scorpio man is an unraveled mystery even to himself. He is an elusive creature of great passion and intensity. Love to a Scorpio man is very sexual and magnetic, probing deeply into the depths of your soul. He will draw you into his mystique and take you into the depths of the underworld, so tread with caution.

In the water element of Scorpio, we see a mature individual who questions his own existence and has a burning need to know and penetrate the unknown within his own self and others. He symbolizes the level of consciousness that is fully aware of the relationship between death, birth, sex, and even religious truth. Love to a Scorpio man is a consuming burning flame of desire and passion and worth any sacrifice as he will strive to unite love's physical and spiritual vibrations and energy with a mixture of eroticism and purity. He is hungry and has a big appetite for something beyond his own desires of sexual pleasure and intimacy. The Scorpio man is quite intriguing and is like an eagle who soars high above all obstacles owning his power and strength and embracing his worldly desires and passions in life.

What is Love to a Scorpio Man?

Love to a Scorpio man is deeply penetrating into another person’s soul and consciousness. He will disguise his sensitivity at first to protect his own heart and knows the amazing powers of his mind. He will use his silent will to manipulate any situation or person as he symbolizes power and controlling his own self through mastering his emotions. In the sign of Scorpio, it is the period of the souls testing as they tend to penetrate deeply into their own souls to see what is buried within. The Scorpio man has a loyalty to himself first and once he trusts his partner then he will be loyal to them. The Scorpio man has positive attributes such as: loyalty, magnetism, power, insight, intellectual, gentleness, self-control, but they can also be revengeful, ruthless, sadistic, suspicious, fanatical, and have self-hatred. In the sign of the Scorpio man, we see someone who trusts in love only after it has proven itself.

The Scorpio man feels a need to protect themselves and those they love from being hurt. He is ruled by the planet Pluto which represents the underworld and the experience of death and spiritual transformation of the soul. To a Scorpio man, love is an all-consuming flame that entices him to passionately pursue the woman, but the satisfaction of desire makes him still hungry for something beyond pleasure and passion.

Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes of the Scorpio Man

Scorpio is the sign that symbolizes sex and passionate desires. To put it frankly, he has sex on his mind all the time. Sex is usually first on his list and he usually wants sex from his partner at least three times a week which will keep him satisfied. The Scorpio man prefers that a relationship become sexual once the woman makes it clear that she is comfortable and is ready for intimacy. The Scorpio man is a fixed water sign so when he gives his word or makes promises, he is faithful and abides by it. If he is unhappy with his partner or lover, he will seek pleasure outside of the relationship. When a Scorpio man loves his partner deeply, he will be loyal and committed to the relationship as long as she is faithful, and he can trust the partner.

The Scorpio man can be secretive, so public displays of affection have to be kept to a minimum as it may make him feel uncomfortable or not want others to see what him and his lover do with each other. He may feel comfortable with holding hands in public but does not like his partner to be all over him and be too expressive with their affections in public. The Scorpio man prefers to keep kissing and touching in the bedroom behind closed doors where it is private just between him and his lover.

What Qualities Does the Scorpio Man Look For in a Woman?

The Scorpio man appreciates a woman who takes care of her physical appearance and body. He likes a woman with style that carries herself well with confidence and self-assurance. He notices her body appearance and proportions and her inner beauty but is first attracted to her physical fitness. He enjoys talking and engaging with a woman who makes direct eye contact and is clean and neat in appearance. He is very attracted to breasts, hair, teeth, smile, skin tone, laughter, and her communication skills. The Scorpio man wants a woman who is feminine and intelligent that can hold a conversation with him, he is not interested in only small talk. It is important to him that a woman is indispensable and can share her secrets and thoughts with him. He wants a woman who is very involved in the community or her work as this will keep him interested and intrigued with her. Passion is key to a Scorpio man, not only in bed, but also in his approach to life.

Scorpio Turn-Ons:

  • Confidence
  • Good physical shape
  • Self-assured
  • Makes direct eye contact
  • Intelligence
  • Feminine
  • Passion for life
  • Nice hair, teeth, smile, skin, etc.
  • Good style
  • Good listener/conversationalist

Scorpio Turn-Offs:

  • Not a good listener
  • Negative attitude/rude
  • Game player
  • Overweight
  • Low self-esteem
  • Smoking
  • Unkempt person
  • No sense of humor

Dating a Scorpio Man:

When dating a Scorpio man his focus is on your behavior more than looks. He likes his lover or partner to listen well and engage in intellectual conversations with him. The Scorpio man wants a woman to look fresh and appealing in public but not expose too much in front of others. He is quite turned off by women who are not listening to him, lack self-confidence, or have no sense of humor. He does not put up with negative attitudes, snobby women or gameplayers. The Scorpio man enjoys romantic dinners as it gives him the opportunity to talk to his partner and gaze into her eyes. He can be intimidating as he probes deeply into others, but he will not make her feel comfortable as they open up and share their love with each other.

The Scorpio man enjoys dinner dates with his partner and a woman who has many interests and good values. He can enjoy walks in the moonlight, good food and eating out at nice restaurants, and taking a long drive while talking and getting to know each other better. He can be very turned off by rude, vulgar behavior or someone who does not listen to him. The Scorpio man is satisfied on a date where he can simply stimulate his partner with tantalizing conversations and probing deep into her mind. He is an intellectual creature, so it is important for the woman to have knowledge on world affairs and be passionate about her work and career.

The Perfect Date:

The perfect date to a Scorpio man would be a quiet evening together just engaging in conversation and getting to know each other. He is a passionate, intellectual type so he wants to engage with his partners mind to see who he is dealing with and if he can trust you. He loves to have romantic dinners and going to see movies together as it gives him the quality time with his woman to discover who she is and what she is all about. The Scorpio man will love to stare deeply into your heart and soul while you talk as he wants to discover the hidden depths of a woman and what kind of person she is. His ultimate goal is to discover if she is a compatible match.

The Scorpio man is flirtatious and can be secretive as his energy is full of passion and mystery. He studies his lover and tries to get her attention when on a date with her. Sex is always on his mind, but he’d rather take some time in the beginning stages to develop the relationship and probe into her mind figuring out what she truly desires and wants out of a partnership and in life. He is the most sexual and passionate sign in the zodiac but is also very controlled and knows how to master his emotions until he decides to make his move then he will strike with intensity and eroticism. A Scorpio man is someone you will never forget as he is so mysterious and intense with his love and feelings for his partner. He truly is a gem, one of a kind!

Famous Scorpio Men:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Adam Driver
  • Sean “Diddy” Combs
  • Bill Gates
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Owen Wilson
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Neil Young
  • Kevin Kline

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