Season of the Thin Veil

Published Date 10/31/2012
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Death is a part of life and we will all leave our earthly bodies someday.

Halloween, or as Christians prefer to call it, “All Hallows” or “All Saints,” and Wiccans call “Samhain,” is the time of the year when the veil between this world and the next is the thinnest.  It is a time when we remember our ancestors who have gone before us and is a particularly busy time for psychic mediums because the ancestors often like to drop by and say hello during this season.  While popular culture focuses on “scary” and negative themes like horror movies, psychic or spiritual people know that there is nothing particularly scary about ghosts, who are merely the spirits of the departed.  I often receive calls from clients who are extremely freaked out because they have seen a ghost and they question their sanity, or other people do.  I reassure them that it is really not all that uncommon and usually nothing to worry about.  Death is a part of life and we will all leave our earthly bodies someday. 

Although I am sometimes asked to perform medium services, it is not my particular gift.  A true medium is someone especially gifted to help people stay in touch with their ancestors, and ghosts will actively seek out the medium and give him or her messages for their loved ones here on earth.  I do, however, have some experience with ghosts, particularly in my capacity as a minister when I am occasionally asked to help with “haunting” issues.  A “haunting” occurs when a ghost either does not realize that they are dead, or else is very attached to their former earthly dwelling and continues to stay there.  This can be quite upsetting or even terrifying for the new residents of the home, who ask me to remove the ghost!  But it is also not healthy for the departed person, whose destiny is to move on to the next life and the next stage of their spiritual development.  So I am happy to speak with the ghost, pray for them and help them become free to move on.  It is especially easy to do this around All Hallows time.

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