Meditating to Relieve Stress by Psychic Annette

Published Date 9/20/2013
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Meditate your stress away!

Have you thought about what meditation can do to help you cope with stress?

There are many ways one can meditate. Sitting in a lotus position for hours is not the only way to help you get through a time of stress. You can sit in a quiet park or a room in your home with a candle or a stick of fragrant incense to create a place of peace and silence. This is a healthy way to bring peace and balance back into your life.

Deep breathing and focusing on our breath can bring back that state of balance that is so easy to lose when we are stressed or panicked. We might feel that everything is spinning out of our control but that’s not the case—control is as close as your breath and your breath is always with you!

Meditation can help clear one channel of the mind. As it tunes down the noise in our heads, it opens up a new channel of awareness, thought, and reality.

We become quiet, not just in our posture, but in our state of mind as the body follows the mind. When you feel yourself drifting to the thoughts that create a stressful emotional state, go back to your breathing. Five minutes or an hour… time is up to you.

How can this help in a relationship situation? Meditation allows us to let go of what we feel we must control in a relationship. Of course we all know there is no "control" of another, but we hang on tight to this idea: "What can I do to make this relationship happen faster or make it happen at all?"

Mediation shows us the folly of such an idea and allows an unfolding to take place in our own awareness. We become mindful of our thoughts and can now allow the energy to do the work instead of blocking it!

In tuning down the chaos you can allow balance and clarity back into your life. It’s a practice and an exercise of the mind, so just like we must practice every day to stay fit, we also must practice the quieting of our mind daily.
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