Life: The 1,000 Piece Puzzle by Psychic Kimberle

Date 5/15/2013

Where do all the pieces fit?

Where do all the pieces fit?

What if life was like a 1,000 piece puzzle?

What if when we’re born the pieces are being held together by our soul connections? As we move through life, we collect those pieces to create the completed work of art. 

Our family at birth makes up the corner pieces of the puzzle and the first twelve years or so we’re collecting most of the outer pieces.  What if as we go through life, at times, we collect a puzzle piece that doesn’t connect to any place on the table yet but we know it belongs? We’d leave it in the middle floating near like colors, only to go back to our pile and gather another piece to work on another part of the puzzle. Keep this concept in mind…

I’m asked quite often about a person from someone’s past that affected them. They want to know “will he ever come back?”  Or “Does she ever think of me?”  Sometimes in life, while we’re collecting the pieces to OUR puzzle, we meet someone whose piece fits but it’s not ready to connect to the other pieces yet.  When this happens, we have “more work to do” or have to gather more pieces.

It’s challenging to take a few steps back and remember that the entire work of art is your life.  My most successful clients have learned that it’s wise to trust that that piece—the one floating in the middle of the puzzle that doesn’t seem to belong—is meant to be there. It will fit into the larger work eventually. It may take time for it to make sense, but you must get back to focusing on your own life.  

At times, we all get caught up concentrating on one part of the puzzle and abandoning what makes us happy. It can be frustrating, but I can promise you that you’re always collecting pieces for your larger work of art—your life!  
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