Don't Let Cynicism Take Over Your Heart

Published Date 6/27/2019
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Don't let your thoughts turn negative

Everyone has been deceived, disappointed, or let down at one point or another. When this happens over and over, however, it’s easy to become cynical about the people around you and about the world as a whole. Learn why you shouldn’t let cynicism take over and how you can keep an open heart.

What Cynicism Really Means

Whether you’ve trusted someone who turned out to be untrustworthy, made efforts to be generous to someone who took advantage of you, or gone out of your way to be nice to someone who was unappreciative, it isn’t unusual to feel a flicker of cynicism. After all, cynicism is a defensive response to a slight committed against you. As every authentic psychic knows, when you feel vulnerable, it’s common to respond by protecting yourself.

Keep in mind that a brief moment of anger or a quick cynical thought is completely normal. Over time, however, it’s possible for these thoughts to build up and change your way of thinking, causing you to slip into a potentially dangerous cynical thought pattern.

Why Cynicism Can Harm You

When you allow cynical thoughts to take over, your reactions become much more than basic defenses or attempts to protect yourself from harm. Instead, you begin to develop rigid expectations surrounding how others should behave around you. As time passes and the cynical thoughts become more pervasive, you may even find yourself seeking out infractions or opportunities for others to fail to meet your expectations.

It may come as no surprise to learn that losing your heart to cynicism can quickly make you deeply unhappy. Yet you might not realize that this thought pattern can cause you long-lasting harm, too. In fact, studies have shown that people who choose optimism over cynicism tend to live longer and have lower rates of cancer and heart disease.

How to Put Cynicism to Rest

If you’ve found yourself slipping into a pattern of cynical thinking, there’s no need to make this mode of thinking your way of life. Instead, you can take a few important steps to put cynicism to rest. The next time you feel slighted, take a moment to practice gratitude and compassion. Practice being grateful that you have the time, money, or resources that others desperately need.

Next, do your best to refrain from judgment and the desire to maintain control over every situation. Remember that it’s impossible to control other people or to have power over the outcome of every interaction, but you do have control over your reactions and responses. Finally, let go of the negativity that you feel when your defenses are triggered. Not only can negativity drive others away, but it can also lead to isolation from the ones you love and care about most.

Ultimately, anger and cynicism are normal responses, but when they become a way of life, they can harm you and those around you. To learn more about redirecting your thoughts and responses, chat with a psychic online and discover how to put compassion, gratefulness, and optimism before cynicism.


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