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Published Date 12/25/2017
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Christmas is a time of finding light and spiritual renewal.

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An increasing number of people are struggling to attune with the spiritual side of Christmas. With every little thing there is to do as well as each thing there is to buy, Christmas spirituality is decreasing its significance each year. Each spiritual journey is specific to their own experience, so despite of one’s personal beliefs, Christmas provides space for spiritual growth and development. Either you look at the origins of Santa Claus, the Christmas tree and the date (related to the Winter Solstice) or if you focus on the birth of Jesus, the Christmas season is a time for spiritual renewal.

The Christmas story says that Mary and Joseph searched throughout the establishments in Bethlehem hoping to find appropriate place to give birth to baby Jesus, and ultimately found themselves in a barn. Jesus took his first breath and he was identified as the son of God. Determined by where you are in your spiritual journey you might take the story as truth or simply a fairy tale that could have never happened. 

Living in the Light
Either way, Christmas Day we commemorate the birth of a man who took care of society's most vulnerable and wanted to help them find a way to live in the light. That light is timeless, and we all continue to seek out for this light. We trust in that light in our darkest moments and we celebrate the light as it delivers its energy into us. We choose to identify it as God or we assign it a different name. 

This is the light, the spirituality that is Christmas.

Everyone has Christmas in which we cannot sense the light as strongly as we do in other years. Those Christmases that pass without the energy of light, we sense the absence of that presence quite strongly. Sometimes the tension and occurrences surrounding Christmas may cloud that light just enough that if we’re not cautious we might miss it altogether. 

Silent Night
Taking time out to immerse in the light each day during Christmas time can help make sure its presence during the whole process. Silent gratefulness sessions in the early morning or the quiet of the night can give us a bath into that light, and keep it as an element of our day-to-day actions, thoughts, and emotions.

Christmas is our annual reminder that the light we want to welcome on no matter what degree we choose to embrace it, is there for us, burning as brightly as ever. For those of us who don’t feel we provide sufficient to our spiritual well-being, Christmas is the fantastic chance to explore our spirituality. Reconnecting with the source of life we see mirrored in our close ones, Christmas gives us the most intense light to live happily the entire next year.

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