Your Halloween Messages from the Spirits by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 10/31/2019
Category: Astrology

Happy Halloween!

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As the autumn leaves swirl and the air grows crisp, the veil between humans and spirits grows thin. Halloween is a mystical time when spirits can reach out to us through dreams, sudden intuitive feelings and colorful signs. They can lend a helping hand, bring encouragement, general guidance and insights in areas you are looking for help. Halloween is truly a magical time!  

Look up your sun sign and rising sign (by the minute of your birth) and discover your special messages from Halloween spirits.  

There are no tricks here, only treats!

SCORPIO: Spirits bring encouragement to honor yourself and trust your personal insights in any matter of current concern.

Spirits bring some ancient wisdom to encourage learning and travel as gifts in your future.

Spirits bring insights into your romantic life regarding a person of interest. Children can hold surprise answers.

SAGITTARIUS: Spirits brings encouragement regarding self-esteem issues and will point to a better income opportunity that is on the way.

Spirits bring insights into the benefit of others from a possible grant, loan or bonus waiting in the wings.

Spirits bring support regarding family matters. Trust your intuition for the right direction to take.

CAPRICORN: Spirits bring insights into company/group concerns. Hidden issues are revealed as time is on your side.

Spirits bring awareness regarding hidden issues about a relationship when reassuring action restores trust matters.

Spirits bring insights into relationships with siblings seeking balance. Encouragement regarding any body of work tied to sales, marketing, writing and speaking is coming your way.

Spirits bring support and encouragement that is coming to your career. Not all is revealed, but good things are on the way.

Spirits bring insights into possible minor heath issues that push you into a healthier lifestyle. Your 9-5 work may need some changes - be patient.

Spirits bring support in believing in yourself as your star is on the rise. An increase in income is around the corner. 

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