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Karmic Relationship Astrology - How A Composite Chart Provides Guidance By Psychic Minerva

Date 4/22/2024
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Whenever some of us hear the word karma, we often associate the term with challenges and bad omens. The fact is that karma does not need to indicate disaster or horrible fates. Karma is usually an indicator of things we need to overcome, learn from, and heal to obtain our best possible life. For us to navigate our karma, karmic relationship astrology can be a potent tool.

Karmic Relationship Astrology

What is Karmic Relationship Astrology?

As many of you know, astrology provides guidance both on a personal and professional level. When it comes to the field of Astrology, there are various branches, each designed to focus on a specific area that impacts us as individuals, such as Horary astrology, Natal astrology, Vedic Astrology, Esoteric Astrology, etc. The list of astrological fields is impressively extensive.

However, one type of astrology I find pretty interesting is Karmic relationship astrology since it also offers the opportunity to provide us with guidance. However, the role it plays goes deeper into our spiritual history. Though most of the different branches of Astrology assist us in understanding ourselves and our potential, karmic astrology uncovers the roots of many of our paths, such as current roadblocks, relationship choices, and dormant possibilities.

Understanding karmic astrology in relationships helps us see the driving force behind our patterns and why we encounter specific individuals. It is no mystery that some individuals cross our path and leave us completely confused and unsure about the context of our relationships. Though many of us are curious about astrological compatibility, soul mates, or karmic relationships, we still lack the deep understanding we need to learn how to break patterns or heal roadblocks to happiness. To determine if you are in a karmic relationship, ask yourself the following…

Am I in a Karmic Relationship?

  • Do you feel like you are repeating a pattern?
  • Do you feel vulnerable and uncertain about your role
  • Do you are constantly feeling misunderstood, and as a result, you fight often
  • You feel on high alert because your gut is reacting
  • Tons of unpredictable behavior patterns
  • You are torn between staying and leaving
  • You cannot free yourself for one reason or another
  • Things seem to move pretty fast when you met
  • You have the strangest luck when together
  • You have abnormal intensity

To help you understand your karmic connections with your partner or person of interest, astrologers can use Karmic Astrology to identify specific patterns and key astrological signs. In addition, the astrologer will do a composite chart of you and your partner to determine the overall dynamics. The chart's focus will be on the signs and their composition in terms of compelling aspects such as oppositions, Trine, squares, sextile, etc. Each aspect allows the astrologer to pinpoint conflict, growth, healing, or disharmony areas.

Karmic Relationship Astrology

Aspects of Karmic Astrology

The significant aspects of Karmic Astrology consist of the following:

Conjunct - Zero Degrees Apart

This consists of two planets in the same sign, which creates a powerful alliance and activates feelings of familiarity and a sense of being kindred spirits. The energy makes you feel like you have known each other forever. An example of conjunction would be when two planets are in the same sign. Let's say you meet someone with Venus in Pisces, and they have Mars in Pisces; this conjunction can create an intense physical and emotional connection. In summary, this is considered a nice karmic blend.

Semisextile - One Sign Apart

Consists of two planets located sign apart, which creates a bit of friction. Though nothing horrible, it can still be annoying and frustrating. The person often reminds you of things you dislike and trigger you, though you can most of the time ignore or tolerate them. An example of a Semisextile pattern would be if you had Mercury in Scorpio and your partner had Mercury in Sagittarius. In your combination, you may struggle to communicate with each other since you would have two quite distinctive styles of communication. There is friction in your communication, which you may want to understand karmically to release the karmic triggers.

Sextile - Two Signs Apart

The planets on a sextile aspect are often cooperative and manageable time getting along. There is strong compatibility and minimal conflict in this combination. For instance, if you have Venus in Aquarius and your partner has Mercury in Sagittarius, you two will find yourselves having an easy time communicating and enjoying each other's company tremendously. A sextile aspect often contributes to feeling at home with someone. The type of karmic energy that makes you feel immediately comfortable as if you knew each other constantly—is one of the most vital karmic indicators.

Karmic Relationship astrology

Square - Three Signs Apart

Here, we have planets that create tension, conflict, and karmic challenges. Squares are made by three qualities: mutable, fixed, and cardinal. We have challenges with the three qualities because they often struggle to change or grow from the connection.

  • Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – They tend to be ambitious, independent, and enthusiastic but also hasty, impulsive, and controlling.
  • Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius – They are pretty determined, stable, committed, and reliable, but also stubborn, stuck, and relentless
  • Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces – They can be brilliant, adaptable, problem solvers, and intuitive, but also flaky, unreliable, and inconsistent.

Squares should not create panic; it is healthy to have various aspects since we learn from our differences. The characteristics created by a square indicate areas that need focus and produce valuable life lessons. For instance, if you have Venus in Aquarius and your partner has Venus in Taurus, you both need to learn how to give and take. Your free-loving style bought on by Venus in Aquarius can produce some conflict with the more traditional love style of Venus in Taurus. The karmic lesson may have much to do with letting go of old beliefs about romance or simply learning to commit more. Letting go and learning are essential when it comes to managing square aspects.

Trine - Four Signs Apart (120 degrees)

To help you remember trines, think of the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Each Zodiac sign is associated with an elemental component, and when they have the same element, it is known Trine aspect. For instance, Planets in water signs such as Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio form a trine. If your partner has a Moon in Gemini and you have Sun in Libra, their moon would be creating a trine to your sign. Trines are great because they express complete harmony, success, and compatibility. Karmically, trines represent harmonious and balanced connections.

The signs that Trine each other:

  • Fire: Aries – Leo - Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus – Virgo - Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini – Libra - Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer – Scorpio - Pisces

Opposition - Six Signs Apart (180 degrees)

The aspects of opposition often create uncomfortable and challenging situations. For instance, if you have Sun in Pisces and your partner has Sun in Virgo, you may be challenged constantly because you both think very differently. You have two very different elements that can feel unequal and off-centered simply because you have other points of view. Now, being different does not automatically mean you are in trouble. Still, it does indicate having to learn to work together and coming to terms with your differences if you expect to have a long-lasting relationship. The karmic lesson is tolerance and acceptance.

Here elements can impact each other as follows:

  • Fire can stifle the quality of air
  • Earth can repress water flow
  • Air can extinguish Fire
  • Water can make Earth muddy

Zodiac Signs in Opposition

  • Aries and Libra: Fire vs. Air
  • Taurus and Scorpio: Earth vs. Water
  • Gemini and Sagittarius: Air vs. Fire
  • Cancer and Capricorn – Water vs. Earth
  • Leo and Aquarius – Fire vs. Air
  • Virgo and Pisces – Earth vs. Water

Past Lives Astrology and Karma

Karmic astrologers review the individual chart for aspects of past lives and karma, including the planets Venus, Mars, Pluto, Moon South, and Moon North nodes. Venus and Mars will provide information on romantic karmic challenges and rewards, while Pluto will describe the areas that need karmic healing. The South and North Nodes indicate the significant areas that must be focused on. The South Node, also known as the descending node, is centered around elements of our past that may bring challenges or hidden skills we bring into our current life. The North Node, also known as the ascending node or True node, indicates the direction we are heading in the future and the lessons we need to learn. In dealing with future developments, we can use the past as a platform for learning and healing areas that block our progress.

Astrology Composite Chart

Understanding Relationships with a Composite Chart

When it comes to relationships, here is how we can use all this information with a composite chart for you and your partner.

Venus – The placement of Venus in your chart will impact how your both express yourself romantically when it comes to communicating and accepting love into your life. Your karmic challenges can create roadblocks and confusion about your feelings and cast doubts about the importance of your connection. This is your karmic love connection.

Mars – This planet controls our temperament, our ability to express ourselves physically, resolve conflict and handle strong passion. The placement of Mars in your chart can influence how you two resolve disagreements, engage in sexual activities, and relate to each other physically. Your sexual and physical connection.

Pluto – The placement of Pluto in your chart will determine what needs to be resolved or gained from your karmic connection with each other. It is essential to learn what you can; otherwise, you remain stuck and are forced to repeat the patterns. Lessons and challenges.

Moon North NodeYour chart will indicate where your relationships will take you based on the areas you need to overcome or learn from.  In many ways, this is your future and how you two can grow together or apart.

Moon South Node – the placement of the South Node describes what we bring into the present and our tendencies. This area can show us what patterns we tend to repeat that may impact our relationships over and over again.

To help you figure out your karmic connection, you will need to get a complete chart of you and your partner. Focus on the aspects that indicate challenges, conflicts, and strengths. A karmic relationship chart will help you better understand your partner and yourself, which can help you work through whatever challenges you may encounter. Do not fret if you see a lot of squares or oppositions since indicating areas that need improvement. Think of the aspects as improvement projects rather than problems.

Guide to Astrology

Our comprehensive Astrology Guide covers astrology basics, from what is astrology, to the signs of the zodiac, how the sun, moon, and planets impact your life, and much more.



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