You're Hired: 7 Job Interview Tips to Help You Seal the Deal

Published Date 11/9/2015
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Eye contact helps you build trust with an interviewer.

Job interviews excite some people and fill others with dread. No matter where you sit on the emotional scale, preparing for your interview increases your chances of receiving a subsequent offer letter. Before you head into the interview, make sure you know these important tips.

Read the Company Blog

It's often the best way to identify important information about the company culture, brand, and style. Take notes as you read so you can address key issues or positions your potential employer expresses in writing. If you can hit those points during the interview, you'll show that you did your research and care about the business.

Shake Everyone's Hand

Whether you're interviewing with one person or a panel of ten, give each person your hand and your eyes. This slight but profound contact creates a visceral connection between you and everyone else. It demonstrates confidence and builds trust between you and the people who are interviewing you. If someone else greets you when you arrive or says goodbye as you leave, follow this same advice.

Use the Weakness Question as a Way to Demonstrate Growth

Everyone dreads this question — "What's your primary weakness?" — so prepare for it in advance. Craft an interesting and unique answer, then tack on an explanation for how you manage it. For example, you might say, "My primary weakness is my painful shyness. However, I make a point to talk to at least one new coworker every day to overcome this."

Resist the Urge to Ramble

Don't give short, perfunctory answers, but resist the urge to ramble for several minutes about trivial topics. If you have a tendency to babble, practice giving concise answers to questions with a friend or family member. Brevity shows your interviewer that you value his or her time.

Keep Tics Under Control

Try not to tap your feet, finger-comb your hair, use the word "like" in every other sentence, or cough nervously. Verbal and physical tics annoy interviewers and reveal weaknesses. A calm, confident demeanor tells the other person that he or she should want to work with you. If you struggle with anxiety-driven tics, consult a psychic online to discuss the root of your anxiety.

Ask About the Next Step

At the end of the interview, assume you've got the job. Ask about the next step in the process. The interviewer might give you a boilerplate answer, but the fact that you asked shows you're confident and self-assured. It also demonstrates your eagerness to begin work.

Follow-Up With the Interviewer

Send a quick email to thank the interviewer for his or her time and to express your interest in the position. This small gesture reminds him or her of your name, but you don't risk interrupting that person's day with a phone call. Some experts also recommend sending handwritten notes.

Job hunts always cause stress, but knowing you're prepared for the interview relieves some of the pressure. To help boost your confidence and put you in a positive frame of mind, book psychic chat readings prior to interviews. You'll go into the meeting knowing you're ready for any question the interviewer throws your way.


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