Which signs match perfectly with Leo?

Published Date 7/23/2013
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Which signs match perfectly with Leo?

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, this makes you a Leo - the fierce lion of the zodiac calendar. While this sign may seem like it's all about courage and strength, the Huffington Post states that Leos are also naturally warm and extremely caring toward those they love. These individuals also tend to be cautious once others break their trust, and their need to constantly seek approval can get in the way of lasting relationships.

That being said, Leos are incredibly particular about who they choose for life partners. Here are some of the most successful potential matches and why they work for people born with this zodiac sign.

Leo & Aries
People born under the Aries sign are just as open and sincere with those they love as Leos, which is why these two signs make a great match. Both of these signs are also associated with having strong spirits and will - Leos and Arieses always want to be in control. However, this makes for a healthy relationship full of ups, downs and learning experiences rather than emotionally painful clashes.

Leo & Gemini
Other people that Leos may work well with are individuals born between May 21 and June 20, who fall under the sign of Gemini. People who have this sign as energetic and constantly thinking, and they're always curious about their surroundings, which can be intriguing to Leos. Both Geminis and Leos also have playful personalities, which means that they're constantly on the hunt for new adventures. This ensures that their relationships are never boring, making a recipe for success.

Leo & Sagittarius
Similar to Leos, Sagittariuses have open hearts and warm personalities, which instantly attracts other people to them. For this reason, Leo and Sagittarius relationships are matches made in heaven. Sagittarius' openness and kindness is something that Leos seek in partners. Similar to Geminis, these individuals are also energetic, which pleases Leos in relationships.

Leo & Libra
Because Leos tend to have a royal attitude and appreciate the finer things in life, they flock toward Libras, who also have a sense of sophistication about them. Libra and Leo partnerships consist of an ample amount of intellectual exchange and affection. Furthermore, both of these signs are ones that require the need to be in the spotlight. Leos and Libras are constantly seeking attention, and they can easily give it to each other and fill these cravings in their relationships.

Leo & Leo
What better sign to pair with the King of the Jungle than another one of regal stature? Leos work tremendously well together because they all prefer energetic relationships full of fun and creativity. However, it's worth noting that this match can sometimes result in conflict depending on the individuals' urges to reign supreme in the partnership. 

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