Whats Going to Happen in 2012? by Psychic Serenity

Published Date 6/25/2011
Category: Astrology

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What is going to happen in 2012? I'm sure most of us are hesitant to answer this question. Look at that little old man who recently did; and how he has been ridiculed. Has anyone noticed that the weekend of his prediction about the world ending not coming true; an additional chain of events from earthquakes to tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and war were set in motion? I think when people hear the world is ending they expect it to happen all at the snap of the finger. In one instant, it's over. Poof! No more existence. But I don't believe the Earth can ever truly end. Only evolve and change. Even if you broke it into a million pieces and threw it out into the four corners of the universe; it would still be Earth. The occurrence of natural disasters, war, famine, death & poverty has definitely increased in the last 10 years. Mark it all out on the map and take a look. I think if you spoke to people in Japan, Louisiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Haiti ect.; they'd say it feels as though it is the end of their world and a beginning of a new one. Our earth has undergone many geographical changes through out history and will continue to change and evolve as we do. She will move what is in her way. It's just nature. She doesn't care about your car, house, business, job, finances ect. After years of seeing tsunami's, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters in my visions; I found this terrific book that really helped me to understand what is happening with the earth. It explains exactly how the earth will change. This book also tells how to prepare for surviving these geographical changes and how to start over from scratch. I feel everyone should have a copy of this book. If I could; I'd send copies to everyone in the world! This book is great for the logical, scientific and the skeptical. All religious beliefs set aside the scientific evidence speaks for itself. Please check it out. "How to Survive The Earth Changes" The Earth Changes Survival Handbook by Page Bryant / Forward by Brad Steiger Live, love, laugh be kind and happy NOW! Serenity ext 7508

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