What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You by Psychic Aquarius

Published Date 8/31/2013
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Every wonder if your zodiac sign controls more than you think?

Do you ever read your daily horoscope?  Do you want to find out about your career or relationships?

The answers you’re looking for lie in your zodiac sign. By the end of this article you should be able to understand why you have relationship and career issues. 

What better person to tell you about Aquarians than me—I am an Aquarius!  An Aquarian’s mind is constantly ticking like a clock. They always have new ideas and people think they’re crazy, but their uniqueness makes them special. Aquarians suffer from insomnia because their minds are always racing.  They’re the happiest when they’re in a relationship or career that they can nurture.  They are also friendly and loyal.  Their career choice should be related to helping people. 
Talented and alluring people.  Because their sign is the fish, upward and downward, they’re torn in life between two paths. They are also very sensitive.  When Pisces’ fall in love they fall hard.  They can be obsessive and depressed at times.  Whatever their talent is should reflect in their career.  
They are little dare devils!  They like to live on the edge and love challenges.  In relationships, they need to find someone who can keep up with them.  Aries’ are impulsive and don't mind walking into a lion's den.

These individuals tend to stay away from crowds.  They don't pay attention when you talk to them.  Their feelings, desires and fears are hidden.  When it comes to friendship, they will only be as close as they want to be with you.
The twins, Gemini’s sign, are thirsty for knowledge.  They want a partner who can keep up with them mentally and physically.  A good career choice involves financial wheeling and dealing.  They like to make money and spend it. Some marriages may end in divorce due to financial affairs.  

Caring and compassionate people whose emotions are up and down like the moon.  So if you have a Cancer in your life, watch out for the full moon.  They can be moody one minute and loving the next.  They’re the best in marriage because they’re stimulating and alluring; love and romance matter to them most. Cancers are insensitive on the outside and soft on the inside.  That’s why their symbol is the crab—they can be crabby!

Leos have big hearts, charisma, positive thinking and good senses of humor.  They’re faithful and devoted in relationships.  There are three levels of soul evolution in Leos: the sphinx (great teachers), the lion (king of the jungle where they protect over love ones and have big egos), and the lion cub (immature and underdeveloped).  Leos are scared of new things, cling to others and don't like to be alone.  They are leaders without pride and they like to be flattered but not criticized.
Fussy and narrow-minded.  Virgos shine—it’s a treat to meet them.  Their career choice should be in the humanitarian industry: social worker, doctor, school teacher, etc. They practice natural healing methods like massage and herbal remedies.  Virgos are kindhearted and find the good in people. They’re givers, companions and advisers.  

They’re looking for Prince or Princess Charming.  Their lives will have dramas, false starts, broken hearts and disillusionments.  They are peace makers.  Libras could find love in exotic beautiful places or while running a bar or restaurant.  They also could be designing beach or ski gear, or sipping cocktails.

This sign has intense and dramatic relationships.  Scorpios have passion, desire and power, but they need to decide on the power of love or love of power.  They wear masks and hide their true feelings.  When Scorpios fall in love they can be faithful and dedicated, but don't hurt them because they won't forgive you.  There are different types of Scorpios: the eagles (highflying, entrepreneurial and successful) and the leaders (inspire others and can transform bad things to good things).
Adventurous and optimistic, the love life and see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  They’re most likely to get jobs involving media, outdoor work or philosophical pursuits.  Sagittarians can have big hearts—they’re generous, fun-loving, honest people.  They want alluring things in life, such as a partner, dream job or vacation.

Capricorns are ambitious.  They need to balance work and play.  They’re cautious in relationships, but when in love, their sensitive and loyal hearts come out.  As a career, Capricorns want to make a difference in the world.

I hope this answers your questions about relationships or careers.  So, next time you fight with your partner or can't decide on that job, look at your sign. It just might give you the answer you’re looking for!
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