What Happens During Mercury Retrograde? by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 6/28/2013
Category: Astrology

Mercury retrograde in Cancer right now might explain some things you were wondering about!

Mercury Retrograde occurs three times in a calendar year. For three weeks, Mercury (the planet of communication and the mind) reverses direction & goes backwards in the heavens. It’s as if you’re driving down the highway of life and for three weeks you pull off onto the side of the road. Mercury retrograde is currently active in a certain house on your astrology chart; this is where it happens. 

Think of it as the “re” season—time to rethink, research and review. Final decisions will be delayed until the three week session is over. It’s one of life’s ways of helping us put on the brakes. It’s the opportunity to make sure we’ve taken the time to go over plans, goals, relationships, investments, travel arrangements, and just about anything that needs extra attention related to the active house in your astrology chart.
When Mercury is retrograde there are certain activities you should try to avoid if possible: car and computer repairs, surgery, getting married and extensive airplane travel. Major delays as well as mix-ups and redo’s are very common. Your patience will certainly be tested.
If you happen to begin a job, open a business, or start a court case when Mercury is retrograde, Mercury will become your major event status clock. That means that every time in the future when Mercury goes retrograde, you will get an update on the status of your job, court case, or how your business is really doing.

If you’re born when Mercury is retrograde, your perspective on life is unique. You’re traveling mentally in the opposite direction of others on the planet, except when Mercury is retrograde. For that special three week period, you’re at your best. You get a progressively greater understanding and clarity helping you to spring forward as you suddenly formulate action with stronger direction. The rest of the year, you can still think with your feet on the ground. However, certain quickness, clarity and agility requires more effort and patience to achieve.
Currently, Mercury is retrograde in the sign of cancer, one of the family signs. The element is water and it rules emotions and security issues. Cancers can be moody and fierce; they don’t like confrontation. Therefore, issues that come up that need review to work through will require extra patience and kind understanding to resolve.

Once mercury goes direct again, delays fall away, lost luggage is found, jobs are accepted and contracts are signed. Life returns to a more normal pace as you get back on the highway of life moving in forward motion.
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