What Does Your Rising Sign Denote?

Published Date 1/23/2018
Category: Astrology

Your rising sign may mean more than you think.

You already know your zodiac sign and the many ways it defines who you are. Yet many people believe it’s your ascendant sign that you really display to the world. Find out what a rising sign is and how it could affect other people's perception of you.

What Is a Rising Sign?

No matter how fully you feel that you identify with your zodiac sign, those around you may have a slightly different impression of you and your nature. That’s because your rising sign often has a substantial impact on both your spontaneous reactions to stimuli and the energy you put out into the world. In fact, when people first meet you, they’ll often meet your rising sign instead of your sun sign, or the zodiac sign that you hold closest.

Since your ascendant sign has such an outward focus, it may even influence your expressions, movements, and mannerisms. You may struggle to see these characteristics from your vantage point, but the people you meet are likely to notice them right away, even before they truly get to know you.

How to Calculate Your Ascendant Sign

To determine your ascendant sign, you’ll need to know which zodiac sign was rising on the horizon when you were born. The easiest way to do this is to use an online calculator, where you’ll need to input the date, time, and location of your birth. With that data, a rising sign calculator can quickly determine the position of the stars and the prominence of the signs.

In general, those who were born during the day under a shining sun and those with an ascendant that falls close to the beginning of the sign tend to feel the strongest effects of their rising sign. In contrast, those born at night or those with an ascendant that falls near the end of the sign may exhibit more muted effects of the rising sign.

How Your Rising Sign Can Affect Your Life

For many people, learning about the role that a rising sign can play answers many questions that a sun sign-focused astrology reading simply can’t address. For example, if friends, coworkers, or acquaintances have described you in a way that doesn’t quite seem accurate or they’ve highlighted the differences between the first impression you make and the characteristics that emerge once you get closer to someone, the dichotomy between your rising sign and your sun sign may explain everything.

Essentially, your ascendant sign may add an entirely new dimension to your personality. For instance, you may be a vivacious, passionate Leo, but a Cancer rising may make you seem more shy and intuitive or a Capricorn rising may make you seem controlled and serious. Along the same lines, you may be a balanced Libra, but an Aries rising may make you seem lively and dominant or an Aquarius rising may make you seem idealistic or contrary.

Your rising sign can reveal a lot about you and the mask you wear when you interact with the rest of the world. Seek out a psychic reading online for greater insight into your ascendant sign and learn more about how others perceive you.


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