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Published Date 8/12/2011
Category: Astrology

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Not only does the New Moon refer to Book 2 of The Twilight Series, it refers to one of the phases of the Moon. This Saturday, there will be a New Moon hanging in the night sky, bringing with it lots of good things. But what exactly is a New Moon? It’s when the Sun and Moon occupy the same vantage point of the sky and are conjunct with each other. This phase of the Moon brings with it new beginnings, welcoming opportunity and healthy change.  Aura ext 8335 says, “Full Moons open the gates of your mind to illumination. Be on the lookout for significant new understandings in the coming week.” Growth, renewal, expansion, restoration. The New Moon lends amazing energy to projects that need to get off the ground, new initiatives that need implementing and moving forward in a positive new direction. It’s a great time to make some changes, eliminating negative habits or people out of your life. How will you use this New Moon energy? Share with us!

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