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Date 4/28/2023
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Hello everyone! Welcome to our new 12-month Zodiac series! My name is Annie, one of the gifted astrologists on Psychic Source, a lover of iced coffee, and the author of this series. Each month, I will guide you through each new season of the Zodiac and teach you how to work more cohesively with the energy of this transit. Now let's get started!

Aries Season

Aries Season: March 21 – April 19

The sun takes a trip through each of the twelve zodiac signs for about 30 days. Each time the sun visits one of the signs, everyone can feel the influence during each "season" of the Zodiac sign the sun is in. For example, Aries season kicks off March 21 and ends April 19 each year. If you are born during those dates and in-between Happy Birthday Aries! 

Goal-setter Aries acts as a sign of leadership, courage, and independence. Therefore, this season makes for the perfect time to take new opportunities and even tackle some challenges that come your way head-on! However, it is also crucial for me to state this, you can efficiently utilize these tips in your daily practice even if you are not an Aries or if Aries is not a sign in your birth chart. The Zodiac energy affects everyone, no matter when you were born, so it’s important to understand things to do and not to do during the influence of each of the 12 Zodiac signs throughout the year. In other words, anyone can apply these tips no matter their Zodiac sign.

Now, if you are an Aries, anywhere in your natal chart, especially in your rising sign, you will feel the most effects of this season's energy. The sun is exalted in this sign, making now the best time to apply these tips to your daily life. The impact of this season's spirit can also influence other areas of our lives, such as our work, romantic, and family lives too!

With all this in mind, let's delve deeper into five ways to truly feel the magic of the sun's visit to the fierce sign Aries.

Aries Season Workout Class

1. Don't Be Afraid to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This Aries season, I encourage you to feel more comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone. Perhaps the idea of trying new things seems both exciting and risky simultaneously. So, this Aries Season, I recommend that you to take a leap of faith without any doubts. Try that new shade of lipstick, get on that dating app, or take on that challenging workout class. You can even try taking a different route on your daily commute. You may find that you enjoy these new experiences much more than you think! Aries loves new things which includes taking a risk, so don't be afraid to totally awaken your inner daredevil during this time of the year!

2. Hone into A Bolder Energy

If Aries is known for one thing, it is their confidence and ability to harness the power of bold energy. How can you do this? First, you begin to live your life as if you are the main character in the story because this reality is your story to tell the world! So, when the question "who wants to go first" is asked, don't be afraid to go first. Make eye contact with those who look at you. When you run into someone you know unexpectedly, don't apologize for how you look; simply engage in a fun talk. Your looks are not an inconvenience to others. Walk into spaces with your head high and shoulders back. Make eye contact when talking to others. In social settings or events, meet new people and begin a conversation. Honing into bolder energy starts with finding more confidence. There is nothing to lose; by doing this, you will feel a powerful shift within all aspects of your life.

3. Practice Being Slower to Anger and Quicker to Patience

With much experience as an astrologist, I notice during the sun's time in Aries that the native can often become more hot-headed than usual. This is because the sun is exalted in Aries, as I previously stated, which means that the energy can go above and beyond. There are gifts and tools Aries can use to its advantage when exalted. In other words, the influence is much stronger. Aries are known for having shorter fuses. My best advice for working with this energy is grounding yourself when things become stressful. Create personal boundaries for yourself and commit to those boundaries. Know what your triggers are and do your best to avoid them. Step back from situations you find frustrating and give yourself the time to ground yourself and your thoughts. This will help prevent unwanted disagreements or creating unnecessary drama between you and those around you. If someone says or does something that rubs you the wrong way, you can either communicate your feelings or (in my opinion, the better and easier option) ignore and release it. No one in this world is ever worth you lowering your vibrations for. Protect the energy you work so hard to nurture.

Aries Season Mountain Retreat

4. Take A New Adventure

Aries holds a deep passion for venturing into the unknown, making now the perfect time to plan a short getaway! The beauty of this advice is that you can easily accommodate it to your lifestyle! So, whether your getaway would be a weekend mountain retreat at a quaint inn or a one-day staycation at a trendy resort in town, you can go wherever the thrill leads you! See new places and have new experiences that will help remind you just how exciting life can be! I find that the most significant reason people struggle with a lack of passion is that they lack new experiences. You can even try spending more time hiking and exploring nature! During this Aries season, take any adventure to a place you've never been before!

5. Speak Your Truth Loud and Proudly

The trait I admire the most about Aries is their ability to express themselves with the perfect balance of daring and poetic. However, this expression is not illustrated in a primary rational way. Instead, the native communicates in a more straightforward style. Do not hold back when the others around you ask for feedback or a suggestion. Say what is on your mind (remember what we discussed about honing into bold energy). Be confident in selling what you say but also use your words wisely. Be honest about your feelings when people ask how you are. Acknowledge your wants and needs; this is especially important if you are dating. When a boundary is crossed, confront it, but be wise with your tone and words. Aries is a sign of war, meaning sometimes you may find you can deliver conflict instead of direct communication. All in all, express your most natural energy in a way that shows unbreakable self-assurance.

Now that we've covered how to work with this energy. I hope you are given the boost of excitement needed to know that you've got this!

Thank you for reading the first installment of this new monthly series. I am so excited to be a part of your journey into the mystical realms of astrology! If you have any questions about this article and want to know more about it or wish to discover more facts about your zodiac sign, please feel free to reach out to any of the gifted astrologists here on Psychic Source! We are always here and eagerly waiting to guide you through your questions!

Finally, I wish everyone the happiest Aries season ever! Cheers to the start of the new astrological year!

Much Love,




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Annie has worked professionally as a psychic advisor for the past 11 years. Her deep passion for the occult, and her psychic talents has helped guide people to a path of true enlightenment. Annie uses her empathic abilities to connect to the hearts of the people around her, giving them answers that resonate. Her love for astrology has helped her enrich her craft further, she is able to read birth charts, and use the solar systems transit to predict your future and assist you in making important choices. As a growing psychic Annie's most important quest is to use her talent to help the people around her create the life aligned with the highest versions of their truest self.

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