Wearing Masks and The Scary Evolution of Scorpio by Psychic Apollo

Date 11/5/2020

Not all the masks we wear are this scary, thankfully!

Not all the masks we wear are this scary, thankfully!

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Have you ever spotted a construction crew in your path and tried all you could to avoid it? Maybe you crossed to the opposite side of the street. Maybe you enjoy walking through a group of sweaty blue-collar men. Or maybe you’re more worried about the intense sounds that the power tools are making and having watched one too many horror movies, you begin to fear that something scary could happen to you. You could even be pretty vocal about this obstacle in your path. “Can’t you guys do this at another time?!” you might shout. The way in which we deal with obstacles in our lives says a lot about our character, but even more about our determination to keep evolving. This is the energy that comprises the 8th sign of the zodiac, Scorpio. 

Why Did It Have To Be Clowns???

I can’t help but recall a time when some friends and I went to a Halloween-themed event at a local amusement park. You see, I have always had a deep-seeded fear of clowns. In large part, I can thank/blame the horror film genre for this. And, of course, the year I attended this event, there was an elaborate circus tent housing handfuls of you guessed it…CLOWNS! These ones could reach out and scare you and touch you in pre-COVID times. And often they were wearing bloody make up, holding fake weapons, and used sound machines that rendered the most unsettling laughs I have ever heard. 

Now, don’t ask me why I went through with it, because I honestly don’t know. But halfway through, after my group had been squeezing tightly together walking at an alarmingly slow pace, I was overcome with a sense of impatience. “Why are we taking our time experiencing every potential scary moment?!” No sooner had I asked myself this then I had realized that in this moment of haste, I consequently separated myself from my group and was now standing alone in a part of the tent surrounded by 20 or so statuesque clowns. There was literally no one else except me and the clowns. Suddenly, those scenes from those horror films seemed all too real. And rather than taking my time waiting for one of the clowns to spring to life, and have me poop my pants, I BOOKED IT! And to my relief, that was the last portion of one of the most fear-inducing moments in my life. 

It's no surprise that an event celebrating the darker aspects of ourselves (and our imagination) happens right in the middle of Scorpio season.

We All Wear Masks in Our Lives

However, scary moments in life are not exclusive to this season. They’re happening year round… Think back to a time where you were absorbed in fear. It could be a break-up. It could be that time when your friends called you on stage to do karaoke. It could be moments before a job interview. These are all times where you feel the “camera” on you and your future is solely determined by the response(s) you make. The thoughts racing in your head are not trying to suppress your ability to act, but they’re in fact testing how you seize opportunities. Your blood gets pumping and you might start shaking, crying, ready to throw up from all of the possibilities you imagine. You may even hurt someone. 

These scary moments in life ask us to wear a momentary mask. You can think of it as your Scorpio mask. We’re not talking about a literal mask here, unless your auditioning for a role as Jason in the upcoming reboot of Friday the 13th. No, sometimes these are small adjustments to your appearance like wearing sunglasses to promote a mystique. 

These adjustments (or masks) are necessary for us to move throughout the world, to better ourselves, and make ourselves more useful, valuable and successful. The real trick, and subsequent treat, is that you find yourself again after these moments. You’ve evolved, having overcome (or at least gotten through) obstacles laid in your path. So, stay strong through these Scorpio-ruled times in your life and when your scary clown circus moment comes, I know you’ll find a way out.


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