Venus in Cancer by Psychic Liam

Published Date 7/31/2014
Category: Astrology

The planets have a powerful influence on our emotions.

Friday, July 18th at 7:06 AM PDT Venus moved into Cancer, where the planet of love will visit for about a calendar month.  The curiosity and playfulness that may have marked love and relating in the prior 30 or so days, gives way to deep emotional outpouring and an urge for nurturing.

Venus plays a vital role in an individual’s personality as one of the two inner planets, along with Mercury, that travel within the Earth’s orbit of the Sun. The physical model of the solar system here mirrors the inner function of these two planets: Mercury has to do with the way one thinks and communicates and Venus has to do with how one feels and relates. When something occurs with one of these two planets (an aspect, a change of signs, retrograde motions…) there are noticeable changes to the self-reflective soul.

Venus is perhaps the ultimate source within an individual where the Law of Attraction manifests. Venus can relate to listening: how one listens to their inner voice and seeks harmony with the discordant drives within, and how one listens to others. In this way, Venus creates an inner vibration that is felt by the outside world and that which is resonant with the vibration, may very likely come. 

Venus in cancer will likely create very sensitive and emotional self-talk which can lead to intense encounters. It’s important during times like this to put off reactions and conversations if possible and train yourself to relax emotions. It’s not that what your feeling is wrong or the conversations are unnecessary—on the contrary they may be perfectly valid and intuitively known—it’s just that this is a dynamic, an archetype, that is important to spend time with and be sure of before committing to an outward display; there could be a sensitivity blowback.

Where and how this plays out will depend on where Cancer is in your birth chart. Cancer is ruler of my 9th House cusp and relates in this way to my overall philosophy of life and how I go about integrating knowledge. Indeed, ideas of life, judiciousness, and my own personal philosophy are realms of life that I’m very sensitive about and always have been.  In many ways my ideals and aspirations are my core home. With Venus approaching this area of my chart there will no doubt be times and events that bring this into focus and offer me opportunities to reflect on my truth and relate with others about theirs. 

Where and how will this play out for you? Call with your birth time, date, and place and I can run your chart and discuss it with you.

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