Using the Days of The Week and Moon Phase for Astrological Timing

Published Date 5/30/2017
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Turn to astrology to find the best day of the week for romance, travel, luck, and more!

Simple. Astrological. Timing. To most people, that phrase just doesn't make sense. “How can astrological timing be SIMPLE?” Well, let's break it down a bit and make it usable for everyone.

The simplest way to use astrological timing to help get the energy flowing and for your goals to manifest in the easiest way is to use the days of the week and the moon phase. By pairing this metaphysical energy with your mundane actions, like filing out job applications or starting a new exercise program, you'll see the positive changes you want smoothly and gentle come into your life. 

Let's first take a closer look at the days of the week.

This is the day of the week dedicated to the sun and the god. Think success, strength, men's mysteries and bringing light to dark situations. For practical ideas, think of this day as a day to start that plan to raise your grades, fill out a new job application, or a time to visit a friend going through a rough time. 

This is the day of the week dedicated to the moon and the goddess. Think psychic abilities, your emotions, travel, and women's mysteries. Think of this day as a day to work on your own psychic abilities, to look closely at your emotions, or plan that next vacation.

This is the day of the week dedicated to the planet Mars and the Roman god Mars. Think protection and standing up for what is right. This is a great day to look at what practical steps you can take, such as a self-defense course, to increase your personal protection. Writing letters to editors, senators, and CEO's would all be practical ways to use this day's energy for positive change.

This is the day of the week dedicated to the Norse god Odin and the Roman god Mercury. This is the day to look at communication, divine messages and luck. Practical ideas are to send that email or letter that will help build bridges and foster clear communication. Look more closely at the lessons of your faith on this day, or start a gratitude journal.

This is the day of the week dedicated to the Norse god Thor and the Roman god Jupiter. This is the day to look at what actions you can take to improve your health and bring abundance to your home. Today is the perfect day to start that new exercise program or taking a closer look at your budget.

This is the day of the week dedicated to the Norse goddess Freya and the Roman goddess Venus. Think love, caring, beauty, and romance. This is a great day to go to the spa, get that new hair cut, or send that note in your child's lunch telling them just how proud you are of them.

This is the day of the week dedicated to the planet Saturn and the goddess Hecate. This is a great day to move on from toxic relationships and to remove old behaviors that no longer serve you. Make room in your life for more positive people, and the best version of you on this day. 

The Connection with the Moon

The moon is our closest celestial neighbor and effects everything from tides, spawning time for ocean life, and our emotions and hormonal cycles. 

When the moon is waxing, you can cup it in your right hand, it is growing larger. When the moon is waxing, think of pulling in all the beautiful, positive change you want in your life gently and magnetically. 

When the moon is full, the sky is the limit, and work on finding the path to your dreams. 

When the moon is waning, you can cup it in your left hand, it is growing smaller every night. This is the time to gently push away the obstacles to the positive change in your life. 

The new moon, when you do not see the moon at all in the sky, is the time to get serious about moving on from bad behaviors and toxic relationships permanently.

You can easily tie both of these together for a simple but amazingly powerful one-two punch. For instance, let's say you are looking for a new job. On Sunday, sit down and fill out the new job application. Do research about the company to make sure you are prepared for the interview. If the moon is waxing, visualize that new job coming to you in the best possible way. If the moon is waning, visualize the obstacles to the new job being gently removed.

See what amazing things can come into your life using some simple astrological timing.
You really can make a beautiful life for yourself and those around you!

For more information on this topic: "Book of Witchery" by Ellen Dugan

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