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Published Date 4/25/2014
Category: Astrology

Move over retrograde, it's conjunction time!

This week Mercury will form a superior conjunction to the Sun (starting 4/25/14), the symbolic cycle of thinking, talking, and planning. This aspect of the Mercury cycle gets little attention thanks to the (overblown and misunderstood) horror stories of Mercury Retrograde.

The superior conjunction is when Mercury joins the Sun in the same degree of the zodiac as it’s making forward progress; this can be understood by considering the flip side, that is, the inferior conjunction: when Mercury is retrograde and forms a meeting with the Sun in the same place in the zodiac as Mercury moves (apparently) backwards.

As I discussed in an earlier article, when Mercury is retrograde, this is a period of review and reflection; this can be likened to the time when a writer needs to re-read, re-write, review more, and re-work parts of the work. During Mercury retrograde, everyone should keenly aware through all of the senses. Mercury is moving very slowly during these periods, particularly at the points of change in direction (stations), so the thought process (thinking, planning, and communication) isn’t as fast. 

When Mercury is making its superior conjunction to the Sun, the opposite is true: the mind is working crisp and fast, the senses are heightened and alert, communication is exalted. These are the times of year where it’s possible to look back to the previous retrograde period (in this case the very beginning of the Gregorian New Year 2014) and consider the results of thoughts, communications, and decisions at that time and to plan certain new tasks or projects. All of this will be specific to the sign and house (determined by your birth date and place—call your astrologer) where these aspects occur. 

For instance, this Mercury/Sun conjunction will occur at 5 degrees Taurus, which in my chart is just about right at the 7th House cusp, the House of “relating.” Taurus relates to stability and grounding, structures and security, values and resources (there are more, I just “chose” these). So this time period will be important for me to capitalize on building the structures of my intimate relationships and clearly communicating my values and needs.

The Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun is a powerful time and resource that’s intimately connected to the way you process information, communicate, and map out your life. Understanding this process can aide in more efficient time management, limit frustration with creative or otherwise important projects, and facilitate better communication with your loved ones. 
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