Understanding a Cancer by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 7/11/2013
Category: Astrology

What traits make a Cancer special?

Cancers are pretty easy to spot. They’re either patiently listening to all your troubles with a comforting “I understand” and a hot cup of tea, or managing the office with a firm, mother hen-like, hand.
Cancer’s element is water, its planet is the moon, and its symbol is the tough little sea crab. The sea crab spells it all out: strong on the outside and soft on the inside. They have a tenacity that is unparalleled, as they can be fierce when it comes to protecting family, friends and their truth. They’re intuitive, but can be swayed in the moment when they absorb others emotions, creating mixed signals. Just like their element, water, Cancers’ emotions ebb & flow.
When it comes to love, the crab is vulnerable and needs emotional security. Their motto is, “Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you so you don’t leave me.” Nobody fluffs pillows, cooks better food, or is more generous than someone that has strong Cancer in their astrology chart. They really will move heaven and earth for the ones they love. However, Cancer is the sign of the mistress. How can that be if they’re private, discreet and loyal? Camilla, Prince Charles’ current wife & mistress of many years, had over 5 planets in Cancer... I rest my case.
Because Cancer needs emotional attachment, they can project a charismatic persona and they’re known for their dry humor. They can be playful and even flirtatious but don’t be fooled—they get attached quickly and have deep feelings. This make them test relationships. They can manipulate & play games with passive-aggressive behavior to see if you really love them. Complicated... oh yes! To win a Cancer’s heart, remember the little things like cards, flowers or small gifts for no other reason than to show you are thinking of them. After all, they are the sentimentalists of the zodiac.
Now for a few words about the dark side of this moon creature. Do not make them jealous because they can’t handle it. To say that you will be toast is perhaps an understatement! Cancer’s top game is to go into their cave and hide after an argument or breakup. Then out of the blue, months or weeks later, they’ll send a casual email or text completely unrelated to what transpired. What does it all mean? They’re checking things out, just like the little sea crab does. This doesn’t necessarily mean an apology is coming (highly unlikely).
Then, Cancers just start all over again with a clean slate, as they’re not fond of confrontation. But if a Cancer does decide to give you their heart, take it, because that true devotion is a rare, sweet gift.
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