The Secret Gift of Mercury Retrograde Psychic Josephine

Published Date 12/30/2010
Category: Astrology

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The month of December is our 4th Mercury retrograde of 2010.  The key word for Mercury retrograde is FRUSTRATION so, if you are feeling this,  see this as a magical present by the stars. The trick is to use this frustration like a magic wand! Here’s what you need to do: 1. Let everything settle and don’t look for hard answers right now. This will only cause more frustration and you don’t need that. 2.  Instead, look at the frustration and let it whisper its truth to you. We want something and we want it now, but frustration says, we’re not going to get it as we expect. The secret gift is to look clearly and deeply at the frustration and ask what exactly  it is that we are wanting. 3. Whatever it is, we are wanting it to come from someone else— our partner, our parent, or best friend. Now here’s the hard part: The frustration is leading you to the inner part of you that is waiting. Like a magic key to give you what you want from yourself.  Use the frustration to go into yourself and give the desired safety, happiness, or acceptance that you are trying to find on the outside But find it from the inside. Most of us believe that we do not deserve what we want and this frustration is really with that part of ourselves. 4. All this must be done in a split second of diamond clarity! Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly on the first try. Just try. As you practice more and more, every time you sense disappointment, you’ll learn to see the illusion.  That only someone else can make you happy. 5.  As the dust begins to settle, you’ll hear the hurt part of you that has been waiting, hiding in the shadows to be happy and free from waiting. Like Sleeping Beauty to be awakened by the kiss of Prince Charming. Once you break the “spell” that you don’t deserve, things will manifest at a higher level. Good luck and my fondest wishes are with you that you can unlock the magic of this Mercury retrograde on 2010!

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