The Perfect Pet Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Published Date 6/12/2020
Category: Astrology

Cancers will love the sweet nature of hedgehogs.

Each zodiac sign has a distinct personality that can influence the types of animals you will get along with as pets. If you're thinking of bringing home a new pet, consider these options selected just for your sign.


Active Aries needs a pet that can keep up with a busy schedule. An exuberant dog such as a Labrador or border collie is ideal. This companion can stay at your side as you race through the day.


Taurus is a homebody who needs a soft, cuddly pet to snuggle. A soft Scottish fold cat appeals to your tactile nature, and you'll find there's nothing more soothing than curling up with that gentle purr.


Talkative Gemini needs a pet that's extra lively. You'll get along well with a bird such as a parrot that can mimic your chatter and add color to your life.


Cancers like to stay at home and prefer pets that are small and not too high energy. A hedgehog is the perfect fit for you. This adorable creature is great for both holding and nurturing.


Fierce and regal, Leo will look for a pet with the same characteristics. Symbolized by the lion, Leos are a good fit for exotic feline pets such as a Bengal or Savannah cat.


Virgo likes clean pets that won't run amok in the house. A rabbit is a good fit, as it's soft and cuddly, yet easily contained. You'll especially appreciate the quiet and docile nature of this well-behaved pet.


Libras love things that are exotic and colorful. Tropical fish are a great fit. You can incorporate your own distinctive style into the design of an aquarium, adding an assortment of mesmerizing creatures.


Wild and weird is what you gravitate toward, Scorpio. You're likely to consult a phone psychic for insight on what you should get. A snake is a great pet because it's mysterious and mystical just like you.


You want a robust companion who can tag along on your adventures. Symbolized by the centaur, Sagittarius is the perfect fit for a pet horse. If that's an impractical pick for your lifestyle, consider an energetic mixed breed dog instead.


Hard-working Capricorn needs a low-maintenance pet. A guinea pig is a convenient option. You can nurture this peaceful pet when you want to, but you don't have to worry about it when you're working late.


Aquarius enjoys unusual animals that have a wild streak. A ferret is a good fit because it's intriguing and entertaining, yet easily caged when you want your solitude.


Though Pisces is the sign of the fish, your tender-hearted nature calls out to a cuddlier pet. Adopting an older dog or cat will satisfy your desire to help those in need, while giving you a peaceful companion.

Consider an astrology reading for more insight into the perfect companion for your sign. While these suggestions will get you started, other influences on your sign may suggest intriguing alternatives.

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