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Published Date 2/3/2019
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Venus and Mars are in the spotlight this month!

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Venus and Mars are two of mythology's original lovers, and this month the planets representing their courtship change signs just in time for Valentine's Day.   
Venus is a dual ruler, depositing energy to Libra, its daytime home, and Taurus its nocturnal domain. Its influence is one of attraction, symbolizing beauty, romance, and prosperity. February 3, Venus floats into practical Capricorn, and while this is not the warmest, fuzziest spot for the planet of love and allure, here Venus gets down to the business of commitment.    

Mars in Taurus
The action planet Mars races into affectionate Taurus February 14; expect to feel more grounded and considerate. Taurus has a calming or balancing effect on passionate Mars. We are motivated to put others first and talk through any challenges. An easy Trine to Venus in Capricorn is a welcome relief from the harsher edge of Mars in fire energy.  

Venus in Capricorn
While lovely Venus signifies the heart chakra and our self-worth, boundaries, and dominance are themes surrounding careful Capricorn. Capricorn translates Venus affection into emotional discipline and conversations turn to long-term plans.  
A refreshing change from the more competitive wave of recent weeks is evident in a subtle priority shift. Unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Mars thinks and acts tactically making it a little easier now to set our intentions and create solid foundations. Partnerships appreciate increased creativity and shared idealism; think about a fun Valentine weekend getaway.  
Establishing good intentions is necessary when you're thinking about the next obvious step in a relationship. However, an overload of caution could get in the way of compromise and cooperation with Mars in Taurus.  The trick to using the energy is to invest in building ourselves up with integrity rather than putting others down. And remember that we can all benefit from random acts of kindness! 
Thanks for reading, I'm so glad we're on this journey together! 

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