The Mystery and Fascination of a Scorpio by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 11/22/2013
Category: Astrology

Scorpios are protective individuals, just like the real scorpion.

Scorpios are an interesting group of souls. They’re constantly observing others—sizing up people, situations, and careers—as they’re extraordinary perceptive.

As the autumn leaves turn and the season of long shadows arrives, Scorpio’s sun sign comes to life. Their planet is Pluto, their element is water, and their symbol is the Scorpion.

Scorpios are complex and can be hard to understand. They possess a combination of empathy and deep, intuitive insight. They can be magicians or the private investigators and phenomenally entice you by holding your attention immediately.

They’re very clever—you can barely outwit a Scorpio! And they enjoy their privacy. It can be hard to break through their masks; this kind of control gives them power.

What’s just out of sight or beyond mortal touch is fascinating to a Scorpio. They can be protective and skeptical, so you have to prove yourself to them. Of all the water signs, this one is very, deeply sensitive. Getting to know one could take a lifetime. 

When romantically involved, a Scorpio feels a loss of self, like a surrender, which can be scary. 

Their motto is, “If I tell you that I love you then you know what I want. This means I’m no longer in control, because you can take it from me at any time.” Complicated, yes, but the understanding and deep trust that develop will result in rare love and devotion. Remain true and honest for a Scorpio to walk beside you for many tomorrows.

Scorpios do have a dark side. There will be days when they withdraw due to a need for privacy. If you test them, lie, or cheat, you and your relationship will be toast! And when a Scorpio leaves, it’s forever.

But Scorpios can make dedicated friends, loving mates, and trusted employees. Like the old Chinese puzzle, they will never bore you and you could spend a lifetime exploring the many facets of the intriguing Scorpio.
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