The Harvest Moon - Discover Harvest Blessings for Your Sun Sign by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 9/30/2020
Category: Astrology

What blessings will this year's Harvest Moon offer your zodiac sign?

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The Harvest Moon takes place on 10/1/2020 in fire sign of Aries. This signals independent action, blazing your own trail and rules. People who are brave, willing to take a chance with independent action and are visionary, will all find unexpected blessings. For those of you out there willing to start over with faith in a better tomorrow, you will discover your courage is a priceless gift in your life ahead.

Look up your Sun Sign and rising sign (by the minute of your birth) to discover your 2020 Harvest Blessings.

Air Signs:

LIBRA: Harvest Blessings come to you with important partnerships, both personal and professional. A marriage or engagement at this time is very blessed.

AQUARIUS: Harvest Blessings are tied to siblings, short trips and any work with public relations. It is also a lucky time to buy a new car.

GEMINI: Harvest Blessings are tied to manifesting hopes, wishes and dreams. Friends or helping hands could step forward when you really need it.

Water Signs:

SCORPIO: Harvest Blessings come to you from a surprise opportunity at work. Look for a raise or opportunities to expand your talents. Keep the faith, it is on the way.

PISCES: Harvest Blessings come to you with the courage to step out on the stage of life to manifest a new path that is waiting for you. This is your time to be true to you!

CANCER: Harvest Blessings come to you bringing praise and important upward mobile status. Your public image is about to shine for all your hard work.

Fire Signs:

SAGITTARIUS: Harvest Blessings activate your work in the creative arts, sales and marketing. You can beautify whatever you touch. Luck is winking at you, so go on and take a gamble!

ARIES: Harvest Blessing are in your sign for this moon. Take a moment and understand it is your time. Toot your horn, let your passion for life out and reach for the stars!

LEO: Harvest Blessings come to you through family at a distance. It is a time to pass through an important gateway to your better tomorrow. Just believe it’s all good!

Earth Signs:

CAPRICORN: Harvest Blessings can help you manifest long awaited dreams tied to your home. You are ready for the good changes, one step at a time. It is all good.

TAURUS: Harvest Blessings come to you from the unseen world. Angel and guides are nudging you along to a better tomorrow. The signs are everywhere. Watch and listen… it is beautiful music!

VIRGO: Harvest Blessings come to you from other people’s money or support. This could arrive in a raise, bonus, gift or success in a contest or competition. Your star is rising!


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