The Elements of Astrology: Similarities, Differences and a Peek into 2018 by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 1/2/2020
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Which of the 4 Elements does your Zodiac sign fall under?

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Astrology has four basic elements FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER. All 12 of the astrology signs fall under one of them placing three sun signs under each element. 

signs start action 
EARTH signs are the builders
AIR signs bring the flow of ideas
WATER signs nurture or grow things

Despite several signs under the same element they do have their own unique style of manifesting. Look up your sun sign below and discover the similarities and differences of each as well as an astrological peek into 2018.
SAGITTARIUS: Expresses its action through travel, education and are crusaders for the underdog. ASTRO PEEK 2018: A guardian angel smiles at you this year. Watch out for amazing intuitive moments.
ARIES: Expresses their action through speed, independent thought and the love of adventures. ASTRO PEEK 2018: Other people’s resources protect you. It will be a great year to review investments.
LEO: Expresses their action through loyalty, big style and strong leadership. ASTRO PEEK 2018: Your home purchases are lucky as they will bring security to you.
CAPRICORN: Expresses its love of building through quality concepts and generational foundations that endure. ASTRO PEEK 2018: Friends support you. It will be a good year to push your dreams into reality.
TAURUS: Expresses its love of building through home and family with first class style. ASTRO PEEK 2018: Good advice is yours for the asking. Important partnerships both professional and personal flourish.
VIRGO: Expresses its love of building through details bringing practical ideas that are budget sensitive. ASTRO PEEK 2018: It will be a lucky year to buy a car. Creative projects bloom.
AQUARIUS: Expresses its love of ideas through flashes of insights, future trends and a need to improve humanity. ASTRO PEEK 2018: It will be an important year for your career. Your special personal light goes high profile.
GEMINI: Express its love of ideas through the written word from books, music to public relations. ASTRO PEEK 2018: Good year to pay off bills. A new family pet brings sunshine to all.
LIBRA: Expresses its love of ideas through the exchange of concepts with others, combining fair play and beauty. ASTRO PEEK 2018: Your self-esteem gets a boost as does your income. Enjoy a shiny new image.
PISCES: Expresses its love of nurturing through great kindness and compassion. Special healing gifts can restore a lost soul. ASTRO PEEK 2018: Family at a distance is highlighted this year. Doors open, revealing a new positive prospective.
CANCER: Expresses its love of nurturing through the children and cooking up a feast for the soul. ASTRO PEEK 2018: It will be a lucky year to take a gamble in both creative projects or at the casino.
SCORPIO: Expresses its love of nurturing through its deep sensitivity and listening on a soul level to create profound changes. ASTRO PEEK 2018: Good year to venture out on your own and you will be rewarded with positive manifestations.

Coming Soon to Psychic Source... New Year Meditation Podcasts for each Element! Set intentions for the New Year that align with your Zodiac Sign and its coinciding Element.  Look for a new Podcast each Friday in December.

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