Take Me to the Dark Side - Pop Culture Movies and TV Scary Fun by Psychic Maxine

Published Date 1/5/2011
Category: Astrology

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One would think that happiness is a good vibration, and indeed it is yet I have come to realize that there are other vibrations in this universe that offer feelings of elation. For instance being scared, frightened or appalled…not by real life but by a scene in a movie or TV show. When I was young, pre-teen years and teen years I found that horror movies gave me a great rush of excitement. I wanted to know more about witchcraft and the supernatural than my parents would allow me to discover. I found a good scary movie would keep me up all night hiding under the blankets praying that the bad energy would not come into my bedroom. Those feelings were fun and exciting. As long as it was on the TV or in the movies it was okay. I don’t think I would have done very well if “nightmare on elm street” was my address. Growing up and taking a look at my astrological aspects and learning that the Capricorn was indeed the “devil’ in the tarot seemed to put a spin of understanding on why I was attracted to some pretty gory things. I remember reading “The Exorcist” and “Dracula”, both books had me putting all the lights on in the house if I was alone. They scared the heck out of me and I loved it. I know I am not alone in embracing ones inner dark side, both these books sold millions of copies and both movies were box-office smash hits. Now in this day and age of horror and stimulation we have lots of fun things to make our hair stand on end and have our hands covering our eyes. I am a TV watcher. I love the channels that have no commercials - and that run their own series. One of my favorites is “True Blood” I record them all and watch in one sitting…12 hours of TV oh my! What fun. Also another blood curdling series is “Dexter” one of my all time favorites, loving the twisted mind thrilling plots. Before the second season came out I started to write a story about a time when removing the skin from people was an art form, then the series began and in it was a man they called “Skinner” well needless to say my story got shelved. There are times I finish the lines in a movie or TV show, I know what is going to happen half way through a show but I sit and watch anyway as entertainment is a nice thing and I really enjoy movies and TV. I have learned to keep my mouth shut so I don’t spoil the endings for anyone that might be watching with me. Vampires are the craze with the trilogy of hot teen vampires and werewolves playing to our wildest imagination. Even on a fashion show where designers had to make outfits, one of the trends given was the vampire venue. The zombie craze is once again upon us with the new hit show “The Walking Dead.” What a fun first season. With religions like Voodoo, Santeria and Witchcraft sharing a part of the mystic realm of life it makes me think about all the scary things there are and how cultures manifest the dark side of life sometimes for the higher good or to benefit from. I guess in order for there to be a balance in the universe there must be polarity - as above so below, masculine and feminine, dark and light and so on. In my real life I like to keep the peace, I do things to feel good and to be happy, always trying to act out of kindness, every once in a while though I do embrace that dark side and enjoy the creepy, crawly, spooky things but only in the movies and on TV. *wink*

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