September's Healing Moon By Psychic Rainbow

Published Date 9/3/2009
Category: Astrology

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hor_starbigAccording to some Native American traditions, the Moon is considered to be the Grandmother of all life on Earth. They see her as having thirteen different personalities; one for each Lunar month. Even the Turtle, the symbol for Earth with many indigenous peoples, has thirteen segments on its back; one for each Moon of the year. The Full Moon of September 2009 is called the Healing Moon. The Healing Moon won't always fall in September. The Healing Moon is actually the eighth Moon of the year, and it has its origins with the New Moon, which this year fell on 20th August. Some traditions mark the Lunar calendar from Full Moon to Full Moon; I was taught by our Daykeeper to count it New Moon to New Moon. Thus, the New Moon in August is the 8th Moon of the year, and the 8th Moon of the year is the Healing Moon. The energies of the Healing Moon are just that; energies of healing. The Healing Moon watches over all keepers of the Healing Arts, including midwives, herbalists, faith healers, doctors, nurses, and anyone who reaches out with compassion and understanding. This Moon is the guardian of all the healing plants and roots, and she is closely connected with all the plant spirits and totems of all things green and growing. The energies of the Healing Moon are directed at all the Earth and her children, and not just humans. Some indigenous peoples perceive the growing things to be a tribe of their own, called the Earth Blanket, because together all the plants and trees form a covering that protects the Earth from such things as soil erosion and the effects of ozone. The cycles within this Earth Blanket also keep the cycles of regeneration in balance. The Healing Moon holds the knowledge of all the healing in every member of the Earth Blanket. She knows which part of the plant to use, when the plant is to be gathered, and what plant to use for which ailment. She serves all the children of the Earth, human and non-human, by guiding them to the herbs and plants that will heal their cuts, mend their bones, and help them to fight off infection. The Healing Moon is also the gatekeeper at the doorway of birth that brings new life, welcoming the new spirits as they take life and human form. She is the guardian of the doorway of death, leading home those who have completed their Earth walk when their time is appropriate. Finally the Healing Moon is one that truly embraces the feminine principle. She brings compassion with her healing. Like a midwife, she watches over us at our time of birth, and brings us wisdom as we find and follow our life's purpose. Like a loving grandmother, she prepares us for our final journey, and guides us home when our time on Earth is complete. Her Medicine Story is one way that we can understand the vastness of All That Is, and the wisdom that is freely given to anyone who chooses to listen to her lessons.

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