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Published Date 1/2/2020
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September's Gemstone is the Stunning Sapphire

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For those who have a humanitarian bent, and deep empathy, and those with great emotionality, Sapphire is their stone. This is also a stone for those seeking something different, those who are sure of their individuality and not afraid to show it. Those who inherit this gorgeous stone, of course, are Virgos, born August 23 through September 22rd.

A Rainbow of Colorful Sapphires
When people think of Sapphires, they generally think of a blue-colored stone. Of course the nuance of the coloring can range from a sky-blue to an opaquer royal blue. However, this gemstone comes in a host of other colors including pink, gold, violet, orange, (dark) green, yellow and even white. Sometimes the stone comes in a magnificent blend of colors like one showing purple in regular daylight, but sparking to a red coloring under artificial lighting. Sapphire, like the Garnet and Ruby, can sometimes have natural star shapes within their structural form. The six-pointed star becomes visible when light is shined into the stone. 

The Sapphire Throughout History
A wonderful story involves the ancient Persians belief that the earth rested upon a giant Sapphire, which colored the sky. This story, I think, magnifies the importance and beauty of this exceptional stone. Sapphires have been used as talisman for centuries. During the 13th century, books depicted the uses of Sapphire as a talisman. For instance, a picture of a ram, or a bearded man, engraved upon a Sapphire was believed to help protect the wearer from disease, poisons and demons. 

Because Sapphires were so rare, only the kings and the wealthy could purchase them. In the sixth century, the Pope ordained that every cardinal was supposed to wear a Sapphire ring on his right hand (the hand used for blessing). Sir Richard Burton, a nineteenth century British explorer, author, translator, and Oriental scholar, owned a giant star Sapphire which drew him much attention and favor. Only those who served Sir Burton faithfully were allowed to view this magnificent stone. In the Far East, Sapphires were regarded as protective, guiding lights. They were used as guards against witchcraft and evil. This stone was believed to bring good fortune to its wearer.

Another poignant example can be found in English poet John Milton’s verse when he referred to the stars as “living sapphires”. The poet Percy Shelley referred to the gemstone as such “the sapphire ocean”, as Sapphire was considered to be the gemstone of Neptune, the God of the Sea. 

The Healing Powers of the Sapphire
The gorgeous gem’s healing powers are strongly centered around the areas of the solar plexus and pituitary chakras. The sapphire is very powerful in treating any mental imbalances such as depression, stress or hyperactivity. It also helps the body to assimilate any nutrients and proteins more easily. Sapphire greatly aids in astral projection, channeling, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Sapphire will help its wearer to find inner peace. 

Sapphire Dreams
If you should dream of wearing a Sapphire, this is a wake-up call to check if your behavior has become too impulsive. If you dream of someone else wearing the gemstone, this implies that a friend will help guide you in social situations. If you see the blue of a Sapphire in your dream, this means any worries you were suffering from will dissipate. Dreaming of a Sapphire will tell you that your lover will be there for you. If you dream of Sapphires in regard to business, this indicates that you will enjoy good fortune and financial gain. If your friend is wearing the stone, this shows that they will have good luck bestowed upon them. 

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