Saturn in Sagittarius: It's Effect on 2015 by Psychic Moira

Published Date 12/17/2014
Category: Astrology

Saturn represents structure and boundaries.

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Saturn enters Sagittarius December 23, 2014

For approximately two and a half years (since October 5, 2012) Saturn has been transiting Scorpio. Known in astrology as the Great Malefic, Saturn is a karmic initiator, carrying the archetypical energy of structure and foundation, as well as restriction and discipline. Throughout Saturn’s tenure in Scorpio we have anchored our psyche exploring our shadow and subconscious patterns.  We have dealt with profound psychological effects of the Eighth House; rebirth and regeneration.

On December 23, 2014, Saturn enters Sagittarius. Saturn provides us with structures and boundaries. Sagittarius is mutable fire; like a candle glowing brighter over time.  We'll get a feel for what Saturn in Sagittarius represents before it retrogrades back into Scorpio June 14, 2015.

Sagittarius rules the ninth house of higher mind; education, foreign affairs and our world view. Sag's ruling planet is Jupiter, the great benefactor, and we can expect to see many shifts on the individual and collective level in the months ahead. Breakthroughs in medicine, evolving ideas surrounding organized religion, and cultural changes emerge. Saturn walks back into Sagittarius September 18, 2015, until December 20, 2017.

Saturn in Sagittarius will be in Square to Neptune in Pisces in 2015/2016: indicating time for a reality check… one that’s likely to wipe away illusions and irrational idealism. Saturn directs the structure in our lives, while Neptune tends to dissolve situations over time. What we think we know falls away under Saturn Square Neptune. 

We find that conditions and some relationships may disappear while others will evolve and grow. 

When we are rigorously honest, we have nothing to fear, finding beauty in the soul of the truth.


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