Psychic Source is not Fooling Around Happy April Fool's Day!

Published Date 4/1/2010
Category: Astrology

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Kick Me

It’s April Fool’s Day at Psychic Source!

Admit it…this is the best holiday of the year that doesn’t include gift giving or overdosing on chocolate or turkey!   The origins of this silly celebration are fuzzy, but it is said that April Fool’s Day was celebrated by many European cultures welcoming the first day of spring.   If are you looking for a few harmless tricks to play on friends, you don’t have to be living in medieval times or Dutch!  Plan your prank based upon astrological sign!  Here’s a guideline to get you started.   Keep it fun and cruelty free.  Remember there is such a thing as karma and there’s an April 1st every year! Aries: Whatever you do, don’t bruise the Aries ego too much.  How about a can of joke nuts?  If it is an office mate, how about switching the name plate on your favorite Ram’s door?   Just channel that youthful Aries energy and you can’t go wrong. Taurus: The funniest thing you can do to a Taurus is switch their regular decaffeinated coffee to caffeinated!  Just make sure they don’t have aversion to the caffeine rich variety.  Then watch in amazement as they fly around the house or the office!  When they are full of caffeine, everything is possible! Gemini: One sure way to get a Gemini fired up is to prank call or prank text them.  They always carry their technological devices around so a good old fashioned prank call should do the trick.  “Uh, hello, is your refrigerator running?”  You can be a little more outrageous than that!  Tap into the Gemini intellect and give them a rise they won’t soon forget. Cancer: Since Cancers are such homebodies, bring home something that is absolutely hideous – like tacky throw pillows or some crazy abstract statue and temporarily replace it with one of their prized possessions.  Then sit back and watch your favorite Crab turn bright red!   Leo: This sign is easy.  Just hide all their grooming tools!  Hide the mirrors, brushes, combs, and hair care products this will send the forever primping Leo running to the nearest drug store to replenish their stockpile of beauty supplies. Virgo: Virgos are just as easy as Leos.   Go to their desk and hide some of their prized possession – day planners, file folders, pens and pencils.  However, if you mess with a Virgo’s organizational Mojo, be prepared to pay the price!  Libra: Librans are fun.  Be sure that your prank is followed up with a big hug!   Librans love anything artistic and beautiful.  Perhaps you can tell your favorite Libra that the crazy painting in the den is actually a real work of art – a Picasso? a Jackson Pollock?  Could it be worth millions!?! Scorpio: Scorpios are intuitive and they always know what’s coming.  Whatever you plot, it will be foiled or out done.   So be prepared to be outsmarted. Unless you are also a Scorpio… in that case, it will be a masterpiece prank! Sagittarius: Most Sagittarians are the one’s planning the pranks, so how much fun would it be for you to pull a fast one on them?  Too much fun!  The more people you can get involved on the joke, even better.  Be creative! Capricorn: Looking to send a Capricorn into a frenzy?  Just straighten out his/her desk!  Put messy piles of paper into tidy, brightly colored folders.   Put random paper clips and pens back into their appropriate homes.  This is one sure fire way to mess with “their system”! Aquarius: Aquarius is usually at the helm of telling a joke or pulling a prank.   Aquarians wish everyday could be April Fool’s!   You can’t miss with anything that is lighthearted and involves good friends, good food and good fun.  So have at it! Pisces: Pisceans may be known as emotional, but don’t let these fish fool ya.  They are the drama queens of the zodiac!   Whatever your prank, be prepared to be upstaged by the clever and theatrically talented Pisces!  When all is said and done, you might end up the Fool.

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