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Published Date 1/6/2019
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How will the 2019 Planetary Transits impact your life?

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Every year presents new opportunities and new challenges. To optimize your options it is useful to know what are the planetary aspects that will enhance and strengthen your efforts for successful outcomes.  Granted the aspects of each transit do not affect every single person exactly the same way since our individual charts will determine how well we navigate different situations throughout our lives. Keep in mind astrology has always been a guide and a tool for making decisions that work best for each individual.  The information provided below is a basic and simple outline of what each transit can improve or impact.  

Two types of transits -  personal and global.

The personal transits influence the individual on a very specific and personal level. Planets are considered to have personal aspects that directly impact the individual charts.  Meanwhile, global transits involve planets that impact groups of people and create social trends rather than influencing individuals specifically. 

The planets that tend to influence groups of people travel slowly through the planetary hemisphere. The slow movement means that the planet remains stationed in a specific sign for longer stages, influencing groups of people born within the time frame of its movement.  Planets that are stationed for long transitions tend to influence social aspects and create specific trends and social mindsets of that period. The planets that move slowly are located after the asteroid belt, which include:

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

The planets that have short transitions influence individuals directly since they create the most abrupt changes and intense influences. Imagine the difference felt between a slow and steady movement vs. a quick and abrupt movement.  Fast movements always require more energy and create more movement.  While objects that move slowly, require less intensity for forwarding actions. 

For instance, planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars will typically impact individuals more explicitly. Since this article focuses on the individual aspects within the personal chart, we are going to only focus on the three personal planets and their transits for 2019. To navigate the planetary transits with efficiency, the following provides a brief explanation for the transits and what particular aspects they influence, followed by a calendar specifically for this upcoming year.

The planet of communication, travel, and creativity.  During the Mercury retrograde avoid booking trips since delays are common, do not sign contracts or purchase electronics.  It is a good time to review old material, old contracts and revise or edit creative projects. However, if you must travel, remember to prepare for potential delays in travel whether it's by plane, train or boat, etc.; expect delays,  missed connections or longer lines, etc. I tend to prepare with a good book, an extra charger and a notebook to keep myself amused rather than get annoyed. Also, don’t be surprised if you find yourself having disagreements over the silliest topics.

Influences relationships of all types from romantic to friendships, as well as beauty. During Venus retrograde, it is a good period to reevaluate relationships, heal broken hearts and release old emotional patterns. Not a good time for marriage, proposal or plastic surgery, However, Venus seems to be on a direct transit all of 2019, which tells me that it should be a decent year in the area of romance. Of course, this does not mean you will not argue, have breakups or disagreements, it just means you will not face as many challenges as you would during the retrograde. 

This planet impacts our physical energy, as well as our passion, sex drive and ability to take actions. During Mars retrogrades, you might find yourself feeling drained and not in the mood to take on many physical activities or projects.  This is a good time to rest, relax and recharge your energies. It might be ideal to revamp your workout routine, go to a spa and regenerate yourself.  During this period watch out for physical burn-out, irritability that can trigger impatience and potential disagreements. Again, as I already mentioned before, you might feel a tad exhausted so take time to book a massage, do some yoga or enjoy a hobby that calms you down a bit. Things can wait a bit until you are properly ground and recharged.

2019 Planatary Transit Calendar

Direct              Jan 1, 2019, Sagittarius ♐ 23° 63                  Until       Mar 5, 2019,  Pisces ♓ 29°
Retrograde      Starting Mar 5, 2019, Pisces ♓ 29° 23          Ending    Mar 28, 2019, Pisces ♓ 16°
Direct              Mar 28, 2019, Pisces ♓ 16° 101                     Until        Jul 7, 2019, Leo ♌ 04°
Retrograde      Staring Jul 7, 2019, Leo ♌ 04° 25                  Ending    Aug 1, 2019, Cancer ♋ 23°
Direct              Aug 1, 2019, Cancer ♋ 23° 91                       Until        Oct 31, 2019, Scorpio ♏ 27°
Retrograde      Starting Oct 31, 2019, Scorpio ♏ 27° 20        Ending    Nov 20, 2019, Scorpio ♏ 11°
Direct              Nov 20, 2019, Scorpio ♏ 1° 42                      Until       Jan 1, 2020, Capricorn ♑ 04°

Direct              Jan 1, 2019, Scorpio ♏ 23° 365                     Until      Jan 1, 2020, Aquarius ♒ 14°

Direct              Jan 1, 2019, Pisces ♓ 29° 365                       Until      Jan 1, 2020, Scorpio ♏ 28°

Understanding how each planet impacts the different zodiac signs is useful in helping you understand its direct impact on your personal chart. However, the material in this article is designed to provide a general outline, to simply help you navigate some of your upcoming activities. 

One great aspect that I should mention is that Venus and Mars will both be direct from January 1, 2019, until January 1, 2020, which tells me that 2019 is a year with strong relationships potentials for those seeking to stabilize existing relationship, get engaged or even married. The only personal aspect to watch out for is Mercury retrograde, which will impact contracts, agreements and delay travel plans, as well as have strong potential for stirring up problems with your electronic equipment.  Otherwise, 2019 should be an interesting year on a personal note.  Now on a global and social level, we will need to look at the outer planets to see which of the slow-moving planets will create specific trends.

Meantime, enjoy 2019.

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