Next Level Astrology: What Your Ascendant Sign Means Podcast

Date 1/11/2023
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Your Sun sign only tells part of your story. Psychic Jasmine sheds some light on Ascending Signs and how they affect you.

While you might be familiar with your sun sign, your rising or ascendant sign is another part of astrology worth understanding. Discover more about how your ascendant sign shapes your personality, likes, and dislikes and how you can find your own ascendant sign.

What Is an Ascendant Sign?

If someone took a picture of the sky the moment you were born, you would have your birth chart. On this chart, the sign rising over the eastern horizon is your ascendant sign. While your sun sign rules your ego energy and determines how you respond to all the ups and downs of life, your ascendant sign controls your personality and demeanor.

What Impact Does Your Ascendant Sign Have on You?

From your attitude to your appearance, your ascendant sign impacts your outward self and the first impression people will have of you. Do you like bold colors or soft neutrals? Are you quick to jump into the conversation or need time to warm up? Your ascendant sign influences all of these factors and more. When you know your ascendant sign, a phone psychic can give you a better reading of your personality and how you'll react to certain situations.

How Do You Find Your Ascendant Sign?

If your birth certificate lists the day, time, and place of your birth, an online psychic can calculate your rising sign as part of your astrology chart. The ascendant sign changes every two hours, so it's important to have your exact birth time or an approximate one that's as close as possible.

Another quick rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if you were born just before or just after dawn, your rising sign is likely the same as your sun sign. On the other hand, if you were born right before or right after sunset, your rising sign is likely the exact opposite of your sun sign. If people often say you seem to act differently than your sign, it could be because of your ascendant sign.

The easiest way to find your rising sign is to use our free online rising sign calculator.

Personality Overview of Ascendant Signs

Once you know your ascendant sign, this overview can give you an idea of how it's reflected in your personality. You can dig deeper into ascendant sign meanings in our comprehensive Astrology Guide.

Aries Rising

Independent, blunt, bold, lively, and dominant

Taurus Rising

Strong, calm, unwavering, pragmatic, and steady

Gemini Rising

Witty, talkative, playful, curious, and positive

Cancer Rising

Shy, caring, intuitive, sentimental, and kind

Leo Rising

Dynamic, powerful, strong, expressive, and distinguished

Virgo Rising

Observant, reserved, analytical, detail-oriented, and nervous

Libra Rising

Accepting, charming, optimistic, soft-spoken, and gracious

Scorpio Rising

Sensual, brooding, spiritual, secretive, and mysterious

Sagittarius Rising

Wise, blunt, direct, honest, and jovial

Capricorn Rising

Hardworking, serious, diligent, controlled, and polished

Aquarius Rising

Friendly, progressive, idealistic, contrary, and rebellious

Pisces Rising

Sensitive, romantic, artistic, vague, and adaptable

Now that you have more knowledge of what your ascendant sign is and how to find it, you can use this information to better understand your personality



Guide to Astrology

Our comprehensive Astrology Guide covers astrology basics, from what is astrology, to the signs of the zodiac, how the sun, moon, and planets impact your life, and much more.


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