Neptune in Pisces - Its Lessons for All of Us

Published Date 8/9/2018
Category: Astrology

What can Neptune in Pisces do for you?

Have you noticed that certain ideas permeate the culture simultaneously? Even certain issues become the focus of films, TV shows and personal problems during periods of time. The reason for this are the outer planets. They move slowly and define generations and decades. When we look back at different periods of time we think of the “free love,” of the 1960s when Neptune was in Scorpio - Scorpio ruling sexuality. The excesses of the Disco era of the 1970s - Neptune in Sagittarius. The “greed is good,” culture of the 80s and the rise in conservatism - Neptune in Capricorn. 

We don’t often think of this subtle influence effecting us personally, but it does! The outer planets move us from one point to another, they evolve us collectively and personally - revealing areas of our lives that need to be transformed in the case of Pluto and areas where we are deceiving ourselves - Neptune. 

Neptune defines generations and the issues that will form those individuals, but we all live through these transits. How they affect us personally will depend on your natal chart. However, there are some general issues that will blanket all of us. Currently, Neptune is in its natural rulership of Pisces giving it a double punch of energy. 

Neptune in Pisces can bring tremendous spiritual growth, greater psychic ability, intuitive awakening, a rise in spirituality, religion and connection to the divine. Its shadow creates confusion, dishonesty, deception, blind faith and gullibility. It can cause a rise in hopelessness, confusion and drug addiction. Its energy can feel like a tidal wave that we must steel ourselves against or be pulled deep into its undertow. 

The key for all of us during this transit is two-fold. First, we must build greater personal structures for ourselves. Keep a routine and stick to it. That will help to ground and center you during this overwhelming and confusing period. The next is to take inventory, write down your feelings, evaluate them and make lists of pros and cons of anything you are confused about right now.

Whether it’s a job or a relationship that feels nebulous right now, ask yourself a few simple questions

1) What am I getting out of this situation? 

2) Are the trade-offs worth the cost of participating? 

3) Is the cost of participating making me feel lost or is this helping me move through fear and allowing me to let go of the past? 

These questions are key during this period when the broader lessons for collective humanity are about letting go, sacrifice and awakening to divine connection. If you feel you are being pulled off your path - do the hard work of letting go. If you conclude that it is fear of transcending into the next iteration of yourself, then walk through it and embrace where Neptune takes you.

Now that you know what to do, when is the best time to take these steps?  The good news is you still have plenty of time (if you are reading this in 2018 at least.)  Neptune in Pisces is a very slow progression.  The alignment started back in April 2011 and will last until January 2026 (a quick 14 years.)  However, once that cycle is complete, this astrological event only happens approximately every 165 years, so it will be many lifetimes until we need to talk about it again!  

Don’t delay and miss your opportunity to experience Neptune in Pisces while you can!

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