Neptune in Pisces: Discover How it Effects your Sun Sign - Part 2 by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 1/2/2020
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Neptune in Pisces... what does it bring to the future?

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In Part 1 of her series, Psychic Suzi began her look at the astrological effects of the slow, planetary movement of Neptune in Pisces.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE to learn more and discover the outlook for the Water and Fire signs.  Read on for information about the Earth and Air signs, along with Suzi’s look at worldwide events that will be impacted in the not too distant future.

Global Event Watch
To say we live in interesting times since Neptune left rational Aquarius for foggy Pisces is perhaps an understatement. Besides touching our personal lives, it is activating high profile world events. Because of this change the veil between the seen and unseen is thinner as it brings deception, delusions, plus intense psychic moments. Sometimes chaos erupts when fools rush in with half-truths and scandals ensue. 

Neptune in Pisces activates water weather events like hurricane Sandy that struck in 2012 when Neptune entered Pisces. It creates mysteries like lost flight #370 in the ocean or it can reveal discoveries deep from the waters like ancient sunken ships. Glamour rumors and sleight of hand bring Neptune to our current politics. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has major hits in her astrology chart effecting her foggy public image to the e-mail scandals. The oil industry and its countries are attached to Neptune in Pisces. Here Neptune can fade away price, product and status. 

The performing arts is Pisces domain
. Actors and films from the past (1930s-1950s) could suddenly be rediscovered shooting these stars back into the limelight. Lastly, Neptune in Pisces effects drugs, medications and virus. Voices will rise over the transit of Neptune in Pisces about side effects misrepresentation and for better care for those in need like the elderly and our veterans.
Now let’s take a look at your sun sign and rising sign (by the minute of your birth) and discover how Neptune touches your life.
Earth Signs

NEPTUNE POSITIVE: Spiritual bonds increase with friends making you more insightful to their needs and fears. Inspiration from dreams opens doors to make a difference in the world.
NEPTUNE CHALLENGE: Events beyond your control bring unsettling, insecure moments. Watch out for savoir/victim roles that deplete your precious energies.
NEPTUNE POSITIVE: A deeper spiritual bond grows with your companion. A person of note opens a door for you creating an important partnership for your work. A creative project flourishes through inspiration and intuition.
NEPTUNE CHALLENGE: Odd health issues can appear and disappear without clarity of a real condition or cure. Obligations and work you do could fade away and will come to a close by your choice. Letting go of the past will take time.
NEPTUNE POSITIVE: Ability to be more open to a new view of life without judgement or prejudice. Inspired communications benefit sibling relationships. Work in public relations sales blooms.
NEPTUNE CHALLENGE: Low self-esteem could leave you feeling lost. Distraction makes it difficult to focus on practical matters. Sensitivity tends to overload emotional senses.
Air Signs
NEPTUNE POSITIVE: Trust your intuition as your self-esteem grows. Enhanced personal and financial flow gives you the ability to move forward to a more fulfilling position with work.
NEPTUNE CHALLENGE: Caution with diet - watch for sensitive digestion. Monetary delays create frustration. Foggy thoughts can slow your progress.
NEPTUNE POSITIVE: Career moves smile at you and honors for job well done can arrive. A sense of destiny has far reaching possibilities. Learning something new enriches your life.
NEPTUNE CHALLENGE: Beware of rumors of mergers, layoffs or reorganization at work. Don’t let the unknown slow your progress. Change is your best doorway for a better tomorrow.
NEPTUNE POSITIVE: Cultivate serenity as part of your daily routine. Loving relationships can lead to an evolution in consciousness to be more in life. Your heart is your true compass.
NEPTUNE CHALLENGE: Increased sensitivity is apparent in the psychical body. Be careful with those you surround yourself with as they may deplete your personal energies.
Part 1 of Suzi's look at Neptune in Pisces featuring the Water and Fire signs can be found HERE

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