My Zodiac Sign Does Not Describe Me

Published Date 1/8/2020
Category: Astrology

If you don't connect with your zodiac sign, you might feel like you're living a double life.

You know every zodiac is unique, and people born under that sign share some similar traits. For example, a Pisces is supposedly artistic, and a Taurus is bold. However, what if you're a Taurus who feels shy, or a Pisces who doesn't understand art? You might feel like you don't connect with your zodiac sign. If so, the following tips can help you understand why and what to do about it.

Look at Your Full Birth Chart

While you know your zodiac sign, which is actually your sun sign, you might not realize that three different signs work together to create your personality. While your zodiac sign is based on your birthday and typically controls your dominant personality, you also have a rising sign and moon sign. These signs are based on what time and where you were born. Your rising sign controls how you react to situations and the first impression people have of you, and your moon sign influences your emotions

If you feel like you don't relate to your zodiac sign, it might be because your rising sign or moon sign have a larger impact on your personality, and you might relate better to one of those. To determine your moon sign and rising sign, you simply need your day, time, and location of birth to create your birth chart.

Get a Professional Reading

Once you have your birth chart, you should consider getting a professional reading to help put everything into place. A video psychic can look at your birth chart and tell you that you're a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon, and Aries Rising. With this information, he or she can also tell you how your different signs work together and how they hinder each other.

Read More Than One Horoscope

A number of astrologers out there write horoscopes for different mediums, including their own website or mainstream publications. This means you'll find a variety of voices, styles, and content. If you're always reading the same horoscope and you feel like it doesn't relate to you, it could be because you simply don't connect with the astrologer. Try out a variety of astrological readings. You might be surprised to find you connect with your zodiac once you find someone who resonates with you.

Understand Why You Don't Connect

In some cases, you might feel like you don't connect with your zodiac sign because of outside forces. For example, if three or more planets show up in your sign, you have a stellium. This means you probably relate more to the planet over your dominant sun sign. Also, if you were born at the very beginning of one zodiac season or the very end of another, you could have strong traits from two signs.

If you feel like you don't connect with your zodiac sign, these tips can help you make that link and feel more at peace with the differences.


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