Mercury Retrograde in Pisces by Psychic Sara

Published Date 2/24/2013
Category: Astrology

Mercury retrograde in Pisces is a time to re-evaluate and re-address emotional issues

On February 23rd the planet Mercury began its retrograde motion in the astrological sign of Pisces. When a planet turns retrograde it appears to move backwards in the heavens against the backdrop of moving stars and other planets. What really happens when a planet turns retrograde, is that its motion, its movement in its orbit around the sun, slows down while everything else except other retrograde planets keep moving at their normal speed. Thus it appears to us on the planet Earth that it is moving backwards. 
When a planet is retrograde, especially Mercury, we often hear things like: Don’t travel! Don’t step backwards! Don’t sign any documents! It is true that during retrograde periods there may be some uncrossed T’s and a hiccup in travel plans, but seeing Mercury retrograde with fear is only inviting those headaches and hiccups to come.
Mercury retrograde is a time when we should double-check things and re-assess, re-evaluate, and re-address things in our lives that need improvement. It’s a good time to go back to old projects and ideas that have been set aside. In the sign of Pisces, the deep mature watery sign, Mercury retrograde will urge many of us to return to emotional issues that we’ve tried to suppress, and bring up old psychological challenges that need to come out. If you are planning to travel by water, be sure you have checked and double-checked all the safety gear.
Mercury retrogrades occur three times each year. They are times to double-check details, run into old friends, and delve deeper into the mind and intellect. How it specifically affects each person will depend on their birth charts and personal astrology, which your psychic can look up and evaluate for you.

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Suzi333: It would be wonderful if you could write an article about the next three dates of Mercury retrograde, so we can be prepared..excellent article. Thank you

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